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  1. Pantagruel

    Buying seeds online?

    What's the feeling about buying seeds online? I'm ok with buying nutes and lights and tents, but I have always drawn the line at seeds. I'd rather make a special trip and do a cash purchase than ship to my home. I'm having trouble finding Lemon Diesel, and I'm thinking, "I gotta have those...
  2. N

    NukeHeads Nuclear Juice DWC Hydroponics Nutrient Now Listed On Amazon

    For those who like buying their products off of Amazon.com We have just added our Nuclear Juice Hydroponics nutrient to Amazon to provide you a broader buying experience.
  3. J

    Thinking of future-buying more powerful leds than needed?

    Is it ok to purchase a more powerful led light than my current grow tent can handle? I am currently growing two plants in a 30" by 30" tent using a viparspectra 600. I want to create a second area to grow my clones while my plants flower. Thus I am looking at purchasing a better led for my...
  4. 4

    Clones from dispensaries - Northern California - Current health status

    First time grower here. I have read previous threads regarding buying clones from dispensaries. I understand that there is an inherent risk of buying clones with some form of pest of disease. If I were to take that chance, which clubs should I go to in the bay area? Are pest and diseases from...
  5. D

    Buying nutrients

    I am thinking of buying ans notes. Hate to be wasteful and there bundles have all these cool names....but what is really necessary. Any help appreciated. I use kelp types one is 5-1-1 and other more micro notes. Also some peters 20-20-20 on rare occasions.to soil I add some lime, cow poop...
  6. Treecandy352

    First Time Buying Seeds! - I'm Stoked

    What's happening, 420!? I'll be ordering seeds from Herbie on the 6th of September! I uploaded the screenshot of the seeds I'm buying, but unsure of how to post it on my thread...? Ty, Treecandy
  7. K

    Minnesota Patients Begin Buying Medical Marijuana

    Minneapolis - Monday marks a critical juncture in Minnesota's year-old medical marijuana program: Patients suffering from constant pain can finally buy the medicine. The expansion has been in the works since Minnesota passed its restrictive law in 2014. The bill directed the state's health...
  8. G

    Aeroponic vertical issue

    I'm in the middle of setting up an aeroponic vertical grow and I'm buying all the parts I need Now I have an issue of buying pvc piping for some reason where I am it's very difficult to find black pic piping of the size and shape I need. I have found one seller but the black version of the...
  9. P

    LED light doubts - Anyone can help?

    greetings, this is my firts attemp at posting in this forum, hope that i don't brake any rules or piss someone off haha. Im looking into buying some high power 3 watt leds for a DIY lamp im building. My question is regarding this product... hast anyone tried it yet? is it suitable for indoor...
  10. J

    Question about light

    So I will buying a 3x3 tent and I'm deciding if buying a REFLECTOR 144 or MARS II 700 . Any advice or suggestion is welcomed.
  11. H

    Where, if any where to buy Roor water pipes.

    I've been searching high and low to find a place i can purchase a roor bong. preferably online. If you have any info send me a pm or comment. thanks.
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