1. J

    MSNL White LSD Auto

    Strain Name - White LSD Auto From - MSNL When - 15DEC2017 Type - Hybrid Appearance - Very green, fairly airy buds covered in trichomes Smell - Intense chemical citrus, nostril hair singing Taste - Sharp but really nice! Citrus kickback on the exhale. Type of Buzz - Hugely cerebral buzz...
  2. Ron Strider

    Cannabis-Infused Drinks Poised To Be The Next Big Thing

    Vaping, smoking, dabbing, shoving special brownies in your face – there’s no shortage of ways to partake in cannabis culture. But sipping weed is poised to become the next big thing. Constellation Brands recently announced plans to pour almost $200 million into a Canadian marijuana grower with...
  3. Velk

    Blue Treacle Auto Strain Review

    this is my strain review for blue treacle this hybrid delight was fun to grow very strong and tough a very forgiving strain perfect for beginners great massive yeilds in a mad fast time majority was done before day 65 Strain Name - blue treacle From - feminised seeds When -...
  4. Ian Bastage

    Tweed - Palm Tree CBD - Leafs By Snoop

    Strain Name – Palm Tree CBD From – Leafs by Snoop – available only from Tweed Main Street (Licensed Producer in Canada) When – 8/2017 Price - $9 per gram (minimum purchase: 5 grams) Type – Indica – Unknown. Balanced CBD 1:1 THC 7.6% CBD 8.6% Appearance – Dark green with orange pistils. Dry...
  5. M

    Fan controller makes fan buzz - Is it normal?

    hi guys, i have a 6" 150mm ram extraction fan HydroGarden | RAM | Inline Duct Fans with a smscom fan controller and thermostat SMSCOM Fan speed controller 6.5 Amp the issue im having is when i plug the fan into the controller the fan makes a buzzing / hummmmm noise even on max. im...
  6. D

    Scrog or no scrog

    Hello. I have decided to buy my first grow tent kit. I have the bay6 xl tent set up BAY6 XL Complete Kit - Grow Tents & Sheeting | GroWell Hydroponics and I am growing feminised Cindy 99 and a CBD zen strain to start. The plants are 3 weeks into flowering 12/12 and I gave, for better or worse...
  7. cannaruss

    Mataro Blue

    This is Mataro Blue. Very couch lock buzz. Tastes like fermented fruits with a touch of spice. Buzz creeps into the chest, arms then legs. Very euphoric feeling. Buds are medium/hard nugs that smell quite fruity.
  8. N

    LST for first time

    First time grower! Just lst'd my babies for the first time and thought I'd vent the buzz!
  9. S

    GHS Super Lemon Haze Auto

    My second auto grow of 12 grows GHS SuperLemon Haze Auto (not CDB version) 63 days from seed in hydro bubbler General Hydroponics Flora Series - 3 part nutrient - average PH 5.8 150W HPS with 1 - 23W 5000K & 1 - 23W 6500K CFL 18 hours first 3 weeks to gradual decline to 12 hour on 4th week...
  10. G

    White Widow Strain Review

    Strain Name - White Widow From - 420 Amsterdam When - 10/15 Price - 35.00 per seed 10 for 85.00 plus 10!!!!! Great deal. Type - Indica dominant Appearance -pale green/blue with beautiful sugary appearance at bud maturation. Smell - Very intense slight citrus/hint of pepper Taste...
  11. cogreen

    Hurricane - Panama Punch x LA Confidential - by Reserva Privada Seeds in CO

    Strain Name - Hurricane From - Reserva Privada seeds in Colorado When - 2nd half of 2015 Price - Unkown Type - Hybrid; 30% indica 70% Sativa Appearance - Semi-dense flowers which often turn a purple'ish color later in flower. Covered in crystals. Smell - Fruit punch with...
  12. ConstantGreen

    Electric current bad for plants?

    Managed to get a buzz off my plants today :P I realized that the tub of water + towel that I setup to increase tent humidity has actually wicked enough water out into the flood pan to compromise the tower fan's electrical. While holding the seedlings to water them, I got a buzz from the...
  13. crazy horse

    Abandoned Short Malawi Gold Journal-Crazy Horse

    this is just a quick journal for people to check out some malawi gold(african buzz) my smoke report should be interesting!, im only a few weeks away from chopping her, pics soon! :ganjamon: oh ye... her name is wee malawi G lol
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