1. Optimus913

    Fermented juice

    @irie lion told me that guys in South Africa were using fermented juice for flavoring bud. I realized, fermented juice is just juice pumped with C02! You could ferment in your grow space and when flowering start feeding some liquid C02!
  2. G

    C02 in veg

    Hey guys, just wanted to know what everyone thinks of using a c02 generator in veg! i know some people say its a waste, while others say it helps a lot in both veg and flower, so let the discussion begin!!
  3. floridafinest

    Floridafinest 630CHM First Try At RDWC Grow Journal

    This is my first grow journal so please bear with me. 11x12 fully insulated wired and plumbed by me room. 6x6 mother/flower room 12- Sour dx Lemon kush 2- the white 2- pre 98 bubba kush:volcano-smiley: 4-630w dimlux cmh's DIY RDWC system 16 site 2" feed with dual 1" returns 1" rockwool...
  4. F

    New Room, New Lights, New Strain, Organic, Super Soil, DIY COB Setup

    Whats up, I expect this to take a month or so (maybe more) to get off the ground. I recently purchased all the materials to build a new 8 x 8 sealed and insulated room and I just started framing it up. I have a new mini split that I need to install, I have 20 Cree COB 3590 3500k lights in...
  5. R

    First Time Grower

    Hi All, As the topic suggests, I am a first time grower taking on hydro. I should start off with having some experience in gardening. I can read plants pretty well, only problems i ran into were pests, but i grew outdoors so it was expected. I have ordered a stealth cabinet 6 feet tall 4...
  6. Swampass

    C02 lessons

    Hey guys and gals! Ive been growing for over a year and have had my growing pains if you know what I mean. I have learned one huge thing that made more difference than anything. I thought Id share it with you. I have a 5'x5' grow space with an 80 cfm exhaust fan for ventilation. I have a...
  7. G

    Limiting factors of growth and yield

    People often ask how to increase there yield. To get the fastest growth rate and best yield possible you need to address the 5 limiting factors. focus on the weakest one first. the 5 main limiting factors in NO order of importance are -light -C02 -Water -nutrients -temprature Liebig barrel...
  8. J

    Should you stop using c02 on the last 3 wks of budding? anyone! Ive heard it don

    t help in resin production! will i have to harvest early ??? thanks jonnyred51
  9. W

    Co2 - Critical kush - Worth the investment?

    Interested in Co2 for a 8 foot x 8 foot F&D System under 4x600 watt HPS lamps. Have you guys/babes experienced worthwhile increased in Yeild / saved time in the process? Also, anyone here tried to grow Critical Kush? Whats its characteristics? Cheers :thanks:
  10. Perfect Sun LED

    Cheap Massive C02 production

    This is the best recipe I have found so far to get massive c02 production and a pretty tasty, strong wine afterwards. You can also use beer yeast and get a beer recipe. A really tasty one is with apple cherry juice. Check out the video to learn how to DIY co2. Oh, at the end of the...
  11. D


    Ive been growin for a while, but never used co2 enrichment. I have a great intake/exhaust, so co2 is at 3-400ppm, approx. I know i would have to make sure the exhaust is off when co2 is on, but how about the intake?:30: Would this be better/higher c02 levels? Anyone with exp help me out...
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