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    c99 x bb fast
  2. c99 x bb fast

    c99 x bb fast

  3. c99 x blueberry fast

    c99 x blueberry fast

  4. C99 x Blueberry Fast

    C99 x Blueberry Fast

    C99 x Blueberry Fast outdoor
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    C99xBlueberry at 11 days
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    C99xBlueberry fast
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    c99x blueberry at 4 days
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    C99xBlueberry fast-my grow journal
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  13. J

    Budman Growing Some Classics

    Hello all, I'm currently growing four strains that have all been commercial classics in my area (well, kind of) and thought I'd document it. The plants are one day into flower in 5litre pots under a 250w hps, they were vegged until between 8 and ten inches tall using a mixture of led and CFL...
  14. S

    Cindy 99 Fem Journal

    Cinderella 99 | Marijuana Strain Library | PotGuide.com Grow set-up includes my grow tent, duct work, fan, carbon filter, and adjustable lamp. Here is a complete list of all items I gathered for my grow. Not all are completely necessary, but I wanted to be sure I did everything absolutely...
  15. Thirstymuppet

    Indoor C99 1st Grow In Soil

    I'm a few weeks in and need all the advice I can get. Some details first. Strain:C99. Breeder: female seeds company. Type: mostly sativa(the website I bought from didn't give a %) Medium: potting compost(I should have used something a bit airier but too late now!) Light: 100watt CFL running...
  16. Y

    Yankeetoker At It Again: C99 & Pineapple Chunk In Soil Under LED Lights

    Strains: C99 (Cindy) and Pineapple Chunk (Patti) Soil: Modified PeeJay mix (seedling mix first 14 days, veg mix 30-40 days, flowering mix to finish) Nutes: None! Lights: 23W CFL (first 5 days), 125 watt (first 2 weeks) /200 watt CFL (remainder of veg), (2) Mars Hydro 300 LEDs and a...
  17. L

    Anyone done C99xECSD F3 by Brothers Grimm?

    I got 25 c99 x ecsd f3's. Anyone done these before?
  18. J189RFC

    Side by Side - PeakSeedBC Cindy99 #2 & #4 - 2 x 300W Mars Hydro LEDs

    So every year I get just a little bit better at this. Not much, but a little. This year has been good for getting better and investing into better equipment, soil, nutes, etc. I am happy to be here today to do this grow. Now while this isn't sponsored by Mars Hydro LED - the Best Solutions...
  19. C

    Peak Seeds C99 & Others

    Hi 420 starting a journal small closet grow about 4 plants peak seeds c99 , skunkberry x unknown, green house cheese , cherry pie Nutrients -canna a$&b Dynamite mater magic Canna boost and Alaska pure kelp food 2 23w cfl for seedlings and 400w hps for flowering
  20. Z

    Female Seeds C99 Feminized and Bulldog Seeds Sour Diesel Feminized

    Hi, I am growing 2 of the above mentioned each soon and wanted to ask you guys what lighting you would recommend in the beginning and throughout as the most simple but effective? I am abroad now so I cannot get anything to advanced. The same question goes for food and soil? I am planning to...
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