1. L

    Need help sizing up my DIY grow cabinet

    Friends, next month's it's going to be 2 years that I'm here amongst you. I read a lot, learned a lot and finally I have space so will get to have my own grow going. Extremely excited but now that it's crunch time also feeling bit lost! Long story short, I need your guidance and help planning a...
  2. Emendems

    Will this setup work?

    Hello guys! Please check out my cabinet setup and tell your toughts, tipps. I don't have much room, and I'm fine with one plant, I am not a heavy smoker. I bought this 300W led light from Aliexpress and it is more like 50W. I assume it's a full spectrum light. Currently I'm running it 0-24. Can...
  3. captainhowdy

    Captain Howdy's LED, Soil, Gelato & Bagseed 2019-2020

    Hello and welcome to my grow journal! Feel free to post any questions or comments! All comments are welcome but please be respectful! Strain: Gelato and Bagseeds (regular) Indica, Sativa or Hybrid: Gelato is sativa leaning hybrid. Veg or Flower stage: Veg How long: 3rd week Indoor or...
  4. R

    Stealth grow cabinet

    I have a few questions about building a stealth grow cabinet the cabinet I have in question is approximately 5 foot tall 3ft in depth I am using an advance PlatinumLED the p450 with veg and bloom switches, I have a fan and carbon filter setup but I believe my carbon filter and fan are to big I...
  5. T

    Abandoned First Time Grow - Cabinet Set Up

    Hello 420 Mag, first time poster and first time grower. Came to see what you guys (the experts) can tell me (noob) how everything looks Cabinet is approximately 17"x17"x72in Almost everything came from Amazon: 300w LED grow light by Galaxy hydro full spectrum General Hydroponics complete grow...
  6. mouser

    Clothes Dryer - Stealth Concept Build

    I was just tossing around ideas for a stealth set up at my nieces house....she's in MA where its legal to grow, but her living situation might cause her problems so... I am a commercial laundry appliance technician by trade so old dead dryers are common. The idea here is to gut the...
  7. G

    Supersonics grow cabinet

    I'm trying to germinate seeds for the cabinet No information on Timing how long do you leave the water on how long do you leave the light on as far as the cabinet goes?Im new at this and I got PTSD and I might be in over my head.
  8. JGibs420

    Completed JGibs420 First Grow - LST 4ft CFL Melamine Cabinet

    Strain - Unknown Bagseed Vegged for 5 weeks FIMed above 5th node LST Flowering started 12/12 on 1 May 2017 No signs of gender yet Cabinet specs 4ft² 2 x 18watt cool white CFL (might need more? Seems okay though?) Negative ion generator This is my first grow and I was silly...
  9. U

    Completed LED MPII Cree, Soil, Autoflower, Ugwad's 3rd Organic Grow

    I've graduated from my cute, but not optimal, stealth cabinet - see links below. The cabinet ran too hot and could not do my seeds justice. This will be my 3rd journal attempt, but I've probably had 4 or 5 grows in my inadequate cabinet. The last grow, some years ago, I tried autoflowering...
  10. N

    Neophyte mistakes - Please help!

    Hi people! I'm a neophyte grower, and i really need help i believe... please! I have been reading allot but i cant figure whats wrong. I recently moved at the lands end in a little country and cant get weed as i used to in the city. So i tough i could grow some myself! Well thats not as...
  11. C

    Northern Lights does not flower

    Hi guys, I have a problem with northern lights (auto) in my cabinet. They are not flowering! Here is the background. Cabinet space is 90cm by 90cm. 20 lt soil for each plant. 5 plants -> 2 white widow (auto) + 3 northern lights White widows are from sensiseeds, northern lights are from...
  12. T

    First loudspeaker stealth grow box design

    Hi, I am planning to build a loudspeaker grow box and I could really use your advice. I'm totally new to growing, but I figure I can learn about it as I go, I've done a lot of research into this kind of grow box, and I've come up with a few ideas, I'd love to hear what you think. I've got a...
  13. M

    My first grow - Comments appreciated!

    Hi all. I would like to share with you the details of my first ever grow. It is in a closet I adapted myself. I would value any feedback. Especially I would like to get any views on pruning the lower branches. The lighting arrangements I have and the shape of my grow closet are such that...
  14. StonyMagoo

    Need some guidance

    Sooo...I'm in NW Oregon. I don't have the card. Legally my limit is 4 plants. I'm going to buy 4 clones. The plan is to start the veg cycle in a cabinet, and keep them on an 18/6 or similar cycle for 3-5 weeks. THEN plant those Debil's Lettuce plants in my back yard. I have a LOT of...
  15. D

    Abandoned Jeff's First Grow, Multi Strains, 3-2017

    Today marks day 10 of my first grow. I was reorganizing my "hobby" closet mostly consisting of saltwater tank reefing equipment, and decided to sell a bunch of things and set up a grow cabinet with my 2 Chinese led boxes. I've always wanted to grow my medicine the right way from seed but have...
  16. P

    The Corner Cabinet

    Was snooping around the local Habitat For Humanity thrift store and found a nice corner kitchen cabinet for $10.00, so I decided to upgrade my growing space from the Dealzer Cash Crop 5.0. On to the pictures: Right now it is crammed packed, but once the Auto's finish that tub...
  17. M

    1 or 2 for new 2x3x7 Grow Cabinet

    First... great forum. Got tons of great input to help me setup/plan my grow. Simple question... 1 or 2 plants? Details: space is a 2'x3'x7' cabinet. 300W LED Hydro: GH Waterfarm system Nutes: GH grow/micro/bloom 4" inline exhaust w/filter Seeds: Blueberry; Royal Moby; Critical Widow; Snow...
  18. ChronicMonkey

    Matt or sheen paint?

    Hey there guys Just a quick questions. Wanted to paint the interior of my cabinet. Should i use matt or sheen white paint? Thanks
  19. M

    Cactus killer here

    Hi 420 Im a noob grower, without a single green finger for growing. Got to the point where im sick of waiting on dealers to deliver crappy looking bags for extortionate prices. So im going to grow my own stuff. Ive got a white widow x big bud in a 4 gallon bucket under a 9w LED thats been...
  20. ChronicMonkey

    Self-build grow cabinet

    Hey guys So i build my first growing cabinet. Just quickly wanna make sure about lighting and ventilation for it. This is a cheap build for my first grow to learn and there after adequate upgrades will be made. cabinet is 125cm x 55cm x 115cm first attempt will only be one plant so...
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