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    Cal deficiency?
  2. S

    Sam's 1st Grow - Nirvana JH, NL & AK48 In Coco

    Goals: Try to learn while providing myself a source for flowers without getting into buying on the street. My job/career is very sensitive to keeping this activity under the radar. I have had a lot of medical issues (digestive) that seem to only get better when I partake. I went to a legal...
  3. F

    Cal mag

    Sorry if I'm in the wrong place and please direct me if I am. I was wondering if cal mag can be used when you apply your regular feeding or does it need to be added by it self with ph water thanks in advance
  4. C

    Cal mag help

    Can anyone recommend a cal mag for plagron light mix on use with autos. Biobizz nutes. I've been told I need it due to Leaf probs. Are the dosages on the bottle?
  5. B

    Plant deficiency

    my plants are 2 weeks old and i feed with canna nutrients aqua + 2ml rhizotonic + 2.5ml cannazym + 2ml mono CAL + 2 ml mono MAG ( it says 1-2 ml per liter of water ) i have phed my water after adding the nutes on one of the plants it looks like it has some rust ...it looks like calcium...
  6. Ron Strider

    California City Has high hopes For Marijuana Industry - And Its Tax Money

    It's really hard to write about California City's headlong plunge into the marijuana business without being a little snickery. Pot is a weird drug. I don't mean just because it makes people act goofy. I'm talking more about its public relations. Most people have had at least a passing...
  7. M

    DWC symptom identification

    Hello first post here looking for some help diagnosing some symptoms 182 true watt led 12 inch away 5.8 ph 500ppm (tap 130ppm) Expanded stones medium 70-74 degrees day 63-67 night Water temp 65 degrees Humidity 30-40% GH bloom @ 5 tablespoons Cal mag @2 table spoons Hydrogen...
  8. S

    Newbie - Straight outta the box

    Hello everyone, Scoop here. I am a newbie here, first post coming at ya. I live in Southern Cal, Disneyland area you might say, so if yawl are familiar, pretty much the best weather on the planet. I have had a so called, Green Thumb for years and want to transfer my growing skills over to 420...
  9. A

    Cal Mag for non RO water every feeding?

    ive seen alot of people using cal mag all the time with n without having ro water ... i understand ro water needs it n cal mag issues are common so is it bad to use it every feeding with tap water as a precaution ??? the one i use says only once a week and thats about my watering length ... so...
  10. Preachforcure

    Please help diagnose plant 5 weeks into flower

    Hi Everybody, I have a Blue Blood now 5 weeks into flower and I started to notice a problem a few weeks ago and I'm still seeing this problem develop and haven't been able to fix it. Any help or thoughts would be great Here's what I have done so far. First when I water I make sure that my pH...
  11. A

    Little plants are telling me something idk what

    Put kids in the sun today, 11 hrs, second time for them, they have recently started on weak nutes .5ml/gal of each, floranova grow, cal mag plus, rapid start, some spots showed up, and the big leafs are a different color then the new ones, have pics in my journal at THC Bomb Auto Berry Bomb...
  12. K

    Aurora Indica Feminized - Mars 300 LED - 1st Grow

    Hello all! I've been vegging my plant for the last 2 months, and for whatever reason the plant is not growing as big as it should be by now...I had a couple issues awhile back (PH levels & Cal Mag Def) but I fixed all that now. I just started using some nutes lightly. I want to flower soon, but...
  13. M


    I pretty sure I need to add more Cal/ mag to my nutes. Can I add Cal mag straight into my res or change the water completely. My next water change is in 3 days. I am doing dwc with ro water
  14. gudyul

    Mars Hydro - Cookies Kush

    Hello folks I am starting a journal here! Cookies Kush started from seed Recirculating Deep Water Cultivation 20 gallon tub with 20 gallon res. small submersible pump, air stones. GH grow , Cal Mag, Silica lights are Mars ll 1200 18/6 Week 3 humidity dropped to 16% and...