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  1. T

    Calculating Coco Usage

    Hi all :) Ive decided to make another run on a grow room but Its a few years since last time so im abit rusty. Im putting together a shopping list, my setup will have aprox 37 plants (37x 18L) My question is there a way to calculate how many liter coco i need for 37x18L pots? If i...
  2. breezy12

    How does one calculate nutrients based on EC - PPM?

    Hi, general question for those experts out there. My schedule says add growth nutes to your solution at a measure of 1.5 EC. The EC of my water prior to nutes is 0.4. Does this mean: 1) Add your nutes till your measure is 1.5; or 2) Add your nutes until your measure is 1.9 (a...