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  1. odinsmaster

    Aliens Took Over The Flower Room!

    This grow will be finished up dec 20th. Thought I would drop a short journal just for shit's and giggles. Strain: Alien Og Medium: Coco Lights: 6 timber grow light 3vl Nutes: Dutch pro Temps: 72f Im running 12 plants, 6 different cuts. Watering 3 times a day 1200 to 1500 ppm. Any...
  2. strawberry-og-female-cannabisseeds-cali-connection-dope.jpg


    Strawberry by Cali Connection
  3. 2EE59EC0-4D18-4E62-954A-4CA4F6CC7A60.jpeg


    Grape OG
  4. D3B8D492-93B2-441E-B471-BDD79A05A1DA.jpeg


    Grape OG
  5. C095E35C-14A7-4EB8-A6CD-307BF42B2869.jpeg


    Grape OG
  6. D9B709CF-04B9-45DE-B0CF-27177374C6D5.jpeg


    Grape OG
  7. nelsonthedog

    Nelsonthedog Grow - Dark Devil - 818 Headband - Master Kush - 2 Mysteries

    Ok, heres my grow 1 sweet seeds dark devil 2 cali connection 818 headband 1 humboldt seeds master kush 2 mystery seeds my neighbor gave me Soil is Promix HP Lighting for veg hydro farm 4' t5 8 bulb and for flower is a hydrofarm 600 watt hps My nutes I use are general hydroponics...
  8. D

    Cali Connection "Original Sour Diesel" Single Site DIY DWC Grow

    Hey everyone! After a long shutdown due to a couple of lil' monkeys that came into my life, I'm finally able to concentrate and have enough time to devote to growing my own meds again. Thank Jebus I am so sick of buying sub-quality street weed and being charged premium prices for anything that...
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