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  1. Night raid 5.gif

    Night raid 5.gif

    Night raid on my greenhouse 2
  2. Cali O

    Cali O

  3. Strainyourbrain

    African Sun And Indoor Gardening: Pushing My Own Boundaries

    Hi all 420 Mag personnel, Growers, followers, seekers, teachers,learners etc. It's really by accident I came across 420 a couple of days ago. I am soooooo glad to be here. Southern Africa (if you have not guessed by the thread title) is where I was born and looks like will also complete life's...
  4. S

    Sick California Orange

    Hi guys, I have a Cali Orange that I transplanted into a 25cm pot with coco potting soil mix containing worm castings, bone meal and some 6:3:4 Vita Veg Vegetable and herb fertilizer. They've been under 2 CFL lights (and in the sun when weather allows, it's winter in South Africa and it's been...
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