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  1. J

    PGR’s Cali Bud? Can anyone advise?

  2. idlewild

    California OG Kush Harvest

    Just wanted to post a few pictures of my latest Cali OG kush. :)
  3. K

    First Grow - Cali OG Kush x Haze - 5 In Total

    Flipped over to 12/12 just 4 weeks ago. They are growing under a Meizhi 1200w (560w output) LED. All of them transplanted from solo cups to 5 gallon buckets.
  4. B

    Cali Orange Kush/Haze & Durban Poison at 14 weeks - Smells awesome!

    Here are my Cali O and Durban poison at 14 weeks...this is my 3rd grow... :)
  5. M

    First Grow - Indoor Closet Tent Grow - Cali OG Kush x Haze - CKS 2017

    Hi guys, this is my first grow, so let me know if you have any ideas for my setup or any advice going forward. Would be greatly appreciated. The strain is Cali OG Kush crossed with amnesia Haze, here's the info from the seed bank. I decided to start off growing 1 plant so I can sort of build...
  6. CannaPot

    The Cali Connection - New Delivery & Haute Genetiques

    Hi there! We just received a punch of new packs by The Cali Connection and Haute Genetiques :cheer2: 1.) The Cali Connection @ Cali Connection - kaliforniens beste Hanfsamen kaufen Pre 98 Bubba REGULAR is back on stock: Pre 98 Bubba BX2 [The Cali Connection] : Hanfsamen kaufen - Cannapot...
  7. Herbies Seeds

    Herbies Updates 9th May 2017

    Back in stock — you can see the full list here KC Brains Afghani Special Regs World Of Seeds Wild Thailand Regs Cali Connection DeadHead OG Fems (Cup Winner) Serious Chronic Fems (Cup Winner) Cali Connection Boss Hogg Fems Cali Conection Blue Dream Haze Fems Pheno Finder Lemon Bubble...
  8. M

    Cali Connection Bubba Kush

    Cali Connection bubba Kush from fem seeds at day 59 flowering. Doesn't look like most of the bubba pics I've seen. This looks like it has an og in it or something. Either way it smells amazing. I only started 2 seeds and they are different pheno's. A bit of light bleaching on one and I think I...
  9. D

    Hygrozyme is it being banned in Cali - What's a substitute

    i was just told by a friend they were taking hygro of the shelves, no longer ca approved
  10. StupidNoob

    Cali Connection - Grape OG - 1000W HPS

    What's going on 420 mag? New to the forum, but I've got a few grows under my belt. Here's what I currently have going on: 1x Grape OG (took 4 clones on 5/3) [Grape Romulan x Tahoe OG] :thumb: I won this pack of seeds from Gorilla a while back & from the lineage, it can't be that bad of a...
  11. Trapr

    MMJ card California

    Curious how hard is it to get some MMJ in Cali? Going on vacation
  12. B

    I came home to a late Christmas present from a friend in California

    :thumb::thumb: My friend got me this shirt
  13. J

    Purple Kush Grow - CropKingSeeds

    Day 18 of the Purple Kush Grow...looking super fat and healthy.
  14. T

    From Cali

    I'm a new member but I've been reading the forums here for a while. I just got somewhat of a setup and need seeds. I will post pics of my 250w hps light and my current plant for you to see.
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