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  1. D

    G.H. Calimagic

    I just read an old thread here about using vinegar to bring down ph. I use botanicare nutrients (pure blend pro) in my 20 gallon reservoir. I was using botanicare cal-mag plus which is 2-0-0 and decided when I started flowering that I didn't want to add that much more nitrogen to the mix so I...
  2. A

    Wtf! Help before it spreads or gets worse!

    Just saw this today. One leaf is completely dried and dead and the tips of another are starting. Her and five others got their first feeding of 1/4 strength nutes with 3 ml calimagic 8 days ago. Yesterday they got ph'd R/O water with 5 ml calimagic 6.21 ppm 400. Anything else is in the journal...
  3. Scrogdawg

    Question on CaliMagic & Z7?

    Hello everybody, Happy New Year. I've listed my grow below. I have on order some CaliMagic and some Z7 because it looks like I'm the only one on this board that doesn't own it already. lol. My question is, are these used regularly with water changes for prevention of plant deficiencies and...