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  1. Ron Strider

    Malta: Doctors Call For Greater Access To Medical Cannabis

    Patients who need cannabis as treatment "have been forgotten", and before discussing the recreational use of the plant, Malta should prioritize access to more medicinal cannabis preparations, the authorities are being urged. "It is upsetting to be told that I can no longer access my treatment...
  2. S

    Seedsman Order Troubles

    I wanted to ask around about your experience with orders from one of the sponsors Seedsman. I placed my first order with the company over the weekend using Bitcoin and I'm getting a little worried about the order. First, I received an email a day after my purchase from Support Amsterdam...
  3. L

    Am a SpaceNaut

    y0 420World. My name is Tadej. Hard to pronounce, people than call me today, tommorow anyway Ted is much easier for u, u know like that Ted Bear stoner movie. :) Yeah i like weed aswell. Nah i love it. So for start to Introduce myself here are 2 videos how did i made cannabutter and than some...
  4. F


    Am shortly going to start my series of killing plants in a DWC 5gl bucket setup. Instructions I am reading call for a complete reservoir change out every week.Is this actually what is required?
  5. R

    MT: Call Special Session To Address Medical Marijuana

    Dear Gov. Steve Bullock, Montana Senate President Debby Barrett, House Speaker Austin Knudsen, Senate Minority Leader Jon Sesso and House Minority Leader Chuck Hunter: On behalf of Montana Families United, I am writing urging you to call for a one-day special session! Due to the implications...
  6. K

    New in town

    hello 420 new in town glad to call in , high