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  1. phiGweed


    Any ideas? did some pruning and decided to take pics of these to see what they could be. I feed flora series trio and cal mag. Last feed was yesterday 500-600ppm cal mag 3ml
  2. DarionOzb

    Why’s this so hard?

    I thought growing weed would be relatively easy but the more I grow the more I realize how difficult and annoying this can be. You’d think something that can grow in the Afghan deserts without human contact wouldn’t be so damn picky, but they are. I dont know if I should just stop growing or...
  3. HugePeckerhead

    Nutes & Calmag Questions

    I am currently growing in FFO and my nutes arrive today. They are the 3 bottles I have attached in the picture. I also noticed many people using calmag. Is this something I should also add to feeding and does it get added with the feed itself? Any help is appreciated greatly. Thanks guys and gals.
  4. AliceGG

    CalMag in my water

    So I asked my local Waterworks Department (not sure about the correct translation) about the different minerals in my tapwater and got the following numbers: Total dissolved minerals: 510-550mg/l Calcium: 80-90mg/l Magnesium: 23-26mg/l Do you think I should buy additional CalMag or is this...
  5. Growingasmile

    Twista, Grape Presidential, & 4 Ten Year Old Bag Seeds

    This is the beginning of this journey, ran out of calmag last grow and it's a bit of a drive from here to get some so they started in less than perfect conditions but they're still perfect girls.. one of them vibrates when I shade her lighting each plant is unique and abandoning some stinks, in...
  6. Calmag issues

    Calmag issues

  7. wearefarmers77

    Elite mixed with other nutrients?

    so i am a first time grower i am using 5 gallon buckets and also a ebb flow system will be posting pictures soon. i started veg in early janurary with clones gifted from a friend. we have been using elite nutrients and also cal mag due to purple stems , also added silica and terpinator all to...
  8. A

    Adventures in coco

    So after a few (imo) bad bags of promix i have shifted my entire media to coco. Im almost threw my first flower and its been a huge learning experience. So the first plants were a c99 in straight coco, and a couple in a few different mixs of coco/perlite and coco/perlite/ewc. Using h&g coco...
  9. D

    Need Help with Nute Deficiency - RO Water

    Environment Info Strain - AK-48 Number of Plants? 2 Growth Stage? Flower - week 1 How Long? 4 sets of nodes on 7/20/17 = 45 days Indoor or Outdoor? Indoor Grow Type - Hydro Reservoir Size - 35 gals capacity, 28 gals to refill to 1/2" below net pot Reservoir Temperature - 68 ±0 (Active Aqua...
  10. F

    CalMag or not?

    straightforward question from a newbie, Im using Floranova bloom from the start of my grow, do i need to add calmag or not? Seems theres a lot of mixed opinions out there,:helpsmilie: and would i be right in saying that while the plants are small use half dose of nutes ?
  11. I

    First grow browning & yellowing please help

    Hi guys! This is my first grow and I am having trouble getting a handle on some issues with my Crop King Purple Kush. Here is some background: I started this seed off in 50/50 coco/perlite (thoroughly rinsed and PH'd to 6.5) in a space bucket in early January. The bucket had 5, 23W...
  12. TheFertilizer

    FFOF & Flush & Plain Water - Equals Magnesium Def?

    So this plant was looking a little nitrogen toxic a week ago or so, so I flushed it with some water, waited for it to dry out and transplanted from a 3 gallon pot to a 7 gallon. Both had FFOF in it. I've never used ocean forrest before and I have an issue with it. Well always hearing about...
  13. P

    Calmag with RO water and Hesi soft-water nutrients?

    Hi Guys, Our well water is unusable so we've just dropped in a a high-end RO filter. The water is coming out with a TDS of 20ppm and pH 7. I have Hesi soft-water nutrients, so in theory they should have everything I need for use with RO water. However, I've read many threads suggesting...
  14. Weaselcracker

    Anyone make DIY calmag?

    While in between calmag orders I made an emergency diy version today. I dissolved a large bottle of calcium pills in water. Added Epsom salts at 1/2 the amount of the calcium. I will probably change that ratio up a little to mimic more closely the commercial calmag. I've read Emilya's thread...
  15. T

    Yellow Spots & Shiny Patches on Leaves?

    Hi people! Im starting to notice some yellow spots on the middle (not the edges or tips) of some of my leaves. There is also some patches on some leaves that look shiny... the best way I can think to describe the look is as if a slug got on the leaves and the slug slime dried. But when I touch...
  16. Emilya

    Emmie's DIY CalMagPhos+ From Eggshells

    This is an awesome product to use during the changeover period from growing to flowering/fruiting on all of your plants. For most of us, by using molasses we are able to get the magnesium that our plants need, but for our calcium needs, most of us have to fall back on a commercial product, and...
  17. D

    What the Heck? My flowerings gone yelllo-co!

    Hi ya'll. I've have a Black Indica clone that was doing well before my efforts to eradicate some spider mite buildup I caught in the nick of time. I used organic methods first, then stupidly Acetamiprid: "a mould/fungus/mite killer/cancer causer" killer. I've laid off any such treatments...
  18. HemiSync

    Pests or Deficiencies

    What Strain is it? Medicann Kush Fromage auto Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid, OG Kush x Cheese x Ruderalis What percentages? Not known How Many Plants? 1 Is it in Vegetative or Flowering Stage? Flower If in Vegetative Stage... How Long? N/A If in Flowering Stage... How Long? 3 days...
  19. F

    RO Water & Epsom Salts

    Hey guys Sorry I know there is a ton of info on this already but I have a question that I just can't seem to find an exact answer too. Ive been using RO water for a while now and I have a few questions about Calmag and epsom salts. My first question, which I think i know the answer too...
  20. J

    Does CalMag spoil?

    Has anyone ever heard of CalMag spoiling? I have been using General Hydroponics (organic) calmag for my soil grow, watering with 1/2 dose every 3rd watering or so. I mixed up a gallon at 1/2 the light feeding dose and have been working out of the same jug for about 2 weeks. Today as I was...
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