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calyx formation

  1. T

    Please help is this a herm all of a sudden are these balls or swollen calyx

    I gave 2 days to go out and stuff they are flowering just started and before they where fine now all of a sudden idk if this is a herm now or if this is a swollen calyx or balls
  2. T

    Please help I don't know what this is

    Guys I have a plant that was female and I left for 2 days and litterally either balls popped up or swollen calyx idk please helpp
  3. J Obadiah

    Another Possible Male: Need Another Eye

    Hey folks, Ive been looking after this baby for about 5.5 weeks or so, its very vigorous, very beautiful, and I think its growth rates are phenomenal. Unfortunately, I have a problem because I also think it's a male. There is something that made me think female initially, but here's some looks...
  4. Xavier

    Here's a pic of my plant's calyx formation, sexing help needed

    In the beginning, like a noob, I thought the stipule was my long awaited calyx. After further research I found the truth and waited. Soon small dots started showing up in the crouch of the node, that was a week ago. I waited a few more days and waited for those most desired pistols. They still...
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