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  1. Tony Urban

    The 420 Fotographer Collective: Advanced Cannabis Photography

    Welcome to the 420 Fotographer Collective where we bring together the best growtographers for a fun and interactive discussion on gear, techniques, how-to sessions, or just to share a nice picture. Here you will find biographies of real 420 members, what gear they use, what they grow, and some...
  2. growguyphd

    New high mag pics

    playing with new camera again. notice how swollen the heads are!! love me some Turpinator
  3. H

    Grow Room Camera

    Anyone else have a video camera in their grow room? I have wifi cameras in my house and I'm able to see them on my phone. Of course it's for security reasons but it also gives me piece of mind that I can check to make sure lights are on or off. Here's a snapshot. I need to adjust a little to...
  4. I

    Taking clear pictures with HPS light on

    If you have a semi professional camera and on some phone cameras you will need to turn on the flash and increase the shutter speed to to fastest setting on the camera. That way when you take the picture the light from the flash is the light that is captured with the picture instead of the...
  5. P

    20 day autoflower - Does it look normal?

    My auto berry autoflower is 20 days old above soil. The new leaves on the top look skiny and are rolling in. Is this normal ? I have my led lights on so i changed the color on my camera
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