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  1. TheDankDuo

    My First Set-Up - Vent Question

    Here it is folks! My first tent setup(4x4). Let me know what you think! I plan on exhausting all the air through the hood>ducting>fan>ducting>carbon filter in the attic (Can-Fan pro series 420cfm 6in and can fan carbon filter 66) Good plan?
  2. Plato420

    Can 33 Combo vs other

    I have been looking at the Can 33 combo ($343) Filter and 400cfm fan and was wondering if anyone can recommend a less expensive alternative that you KNOW works well and reliable. Thanks in advance!RoorRip
  3. M

    Quieter Fan? Active Air - Can Fan or Vortex?

    I have an Active Air 6" in line fan that blows 268CFM and it seems like a loud little mother. Just got it hooked up and ducted and it seems to make more noise when turned down low with a blower speed control. Its the vibration of the metal housing on the fan that's the main culprit. I've...
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