canada growers

  1. The Dealer

    The Emperor's New Grows - Canad Goes Perpetual Indoors with Coco!

    :welcome: Space - Veg tent - GL120 3'11''x3'11''x6'7'' Flower tent - GL145 4'9''x4'9''x6'7'' Lights - Veg 400W MH Cool tube with Powersun Digital Ballast. Bloom 600W HPS Cool Tube with Powersun Digital Ballast Brinks Digital timer Veg - 18/6 Bloom 12/12 Medium - 10 Gallon Smart pot...
  2. geturgrowon

    Canada/Ontario Grower Thread

    hey everyone feel free to post ur bud porn or what u been up to if ur currently in canada/ ontario ! cant wait to see some sweet grows stay lite canada ! dont for get t to Get uR gRow oN! :welcome: :420: