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  1. Bubbaman

    Week 4 growing do si dos

    Got this plant as a clone from a friend just posting weekly pics of its grow. On week 4 now growing do si dos. Just finished a white widow grow a month and a bit ago.
  2. Bubbaman

    My finished product white widow is the strain

    It’s dried and cured now and this is the final product white widow. How does it look !?
  3. Bubbaman

    Do-si-dos is the strain 2 weeks into flower

    Got a clone from a buddy do-si-dos is the strain. She’s two weeks into flower just looking for some feed back always looking to improve
  4. Bubbaman

    Just finished harvest on my white widows

    Just finished harvesting my 3 white widows 277 grams wet. I’m still new to growing how do they look !
  5. Bubbaman

    Week 9 of flower

    I’m now on week 9 of flower getting real close. I’m growing white widow just looking for some feed back. How are they looking
  6. IMG_20200614_165755.jpg


    Brother in law has few girls going he was gifted .
  7. George from The Vault

    Canada: Buy Cannabis Seeds with Credit Card at The Vault

    Visit Buy Cannabis Seeds with Credit Card Canada - at The Vault for more details.
  8. IMG_20200509_093427.jpg


    May 9 in central Ontario Canada , go away white shit.
  9. Kodiak420

    2020 Outdoor Organic Grow Central Canada

    Good Day, I wanted to track my grow this year, and possibly get some suggestions. Strains from Crop King - Purple Kush, feminized, Photo x 3 These were started on April 9th . April 10th they were planted in soil. Their final home will be in 45 gallon fabric pots. Starting in June - NYC...
  10. IMG_20200411_201329.jpg


    Covid19 fun times
  11. MrSauga

    The Sauga Ends Here

    Hey everybody! So this will be my final journal here at 420 magazine. I joined back in 2018 and realized the only way to become a better grower was to learn from the pros and that meant starting a journal so others could provide help and support. I know a lot of you will find this as a surprise...
  12. The Sleeping Joint

    The Sleeping Joint: Soil, Monster Crop Sour Diesel, Grow Journal 2019-2020

    Hello all, I'm starting a grow journal and is going to be updated weekly. I am currently at week 22 and in day 31 of flower. Started with an outdoor grow, flowering Sour Deasel. I cut 6 clones from it, all with budding sites "Monster Cropping" is what I'm told that is. This is my second year...
  13. Momma’s Kitchen

    Greenhouse Seeds: Canada?

    Does anyone know where to get Greenhouse Seeds to Canada? I’m specifically looking for Franco’s strain of Lemon Cheese. I’ve grown both individually so I really would like to grow this strain and respectfully want to spread his love ❤ and proceeds go towards his family from what I understand...
  14. P

    Where to buy LED for DIY inside Canada

    Hi I`m looking forward to make some lights but can't find a place to buy Samsung LM301B or citizen CLU1216 from inside Canada, I`m living in Toronto. Anyone can shed some light on the subject ? Regards
  15. IMG_20190925_111415.jpg


    Gift from a friend oh my spoiled boy. Thank you Duggan .
  16. IMG_20190909_085643.jpg


    Alaskan purple auto by seedsman
  17. End of week 4 veg

    End of week 4 veg

    Various different strains vegging in 39×39 mars hydro tent and 2 Meizhi 300 and Mars Hydro2 900
  18. KingJoe83

    King's Outdoor Auto 19 Grow: Quarter Pounders Canuk Seeds, Zkilltes Auto & Alaskan Purple Auto By Seedsman

    Hey everyone , Me again, hope to see everyone around this will be a mini journal where I'll be posting weekly updates or as well as issues I will encounter. I have been here for about three years on the magazine learning at my own pace I call it.lol but wouldnt want it any other way really...
  19. 8

    First Time Grow #1 White Widow Feminized

    Location : Alberta, Canada Strain : Crop King Seeds - White Widow - Feminized ( 60% Indica - 40% Sativa ) Set up : Gorilla Grow Tent 4 x 4 w/extension poles ( Inside 9ft x 9ft x 8ft Room ) Lights : California Lightworks Solar System 550 LED ( Used with Solar System Controller ) Exhaust ...
  20. BudGinger

    Budginger Does Gorilla Glue #4

    Hey 420, how's it going? Well, after a long and successful grow (I say this before it's fully cured), I'm going to get things going again for the next crop. I learned a lot from my last grow, mainly that I didn't utilize my scrog properly. There were also suggestions for super cropping but I'm...
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