1. danishoes21

    Vancouver Island 2022 Organic Grow

    Its been a while since I made a journal, lets have a look at what I am doing this time around here on Van.Isl., BC. 1 x Durban Poison >Dutch Passion 1 x Chunky Skunk >Freebie 1 x Sweet Zombie >Freebie 1 x Personal Sativa Fem cultivar (Im trying to revive some seeds I worked on before 2017)...
  2. Cplchris

    My Second Grow: 4 Autos, LED, Soil, 2022

    Good day all you fine people. This is my second grow ever and I am very excited. My first was several years ago and I have changed things up a bit. I grow for the peace and serenity it gives me. Not just the final product but the process itself. I have severe ptsd among other issues so this...
  3. CanadianBacon92

    Swollen Calyx Or Pollinated?

    early flowering , i am noticing my calyxs on my Bc Bud Depot blueberry are swollen with orange hairs. I have been feeding them Honey Chome so i don’t know, what do you think? are those seeds growing or just cause the nutes? most of my top ones are tiny with mix of white and orange hairs, its a...
  4. Plant Daddy

    Mars Hydro Grow Journal: TS 3000, Gorilla Glue Auto, 4x4 Tent, 2 Medium, 2 Pot Sizes

    This will be my second grow and my first time growing Autos. It will be a bit of an experiment. Here is my plan: Gorilla Glue Auto-Flowering Cannabis Two different mediums - soil & coco Two different size pots - 3-gallon & 5-gallon Growing 100% organically So my 4 plants will be as...
  5. 4/12 plants drying

    4/12 plants drying

    Jack Here/GSC, Grandaddy purp, Kushberry Alien, and Strawberry Banana drying
  6. Jack's Cookies close up

    Jack's Cookies close up

    Close up oic of back right plant in Mars Hydro tent
  7. Jack Herer/GSC and Grandaddy purple

    Jack Herer/GSC and Grandaddy purple

    Last month of flower in 39x39 Mars hydro tent under philizon COB 630 Watt, and carbon filter
  8. 2 back plants Jack Herer/GSC, 2 front ones Grandaddy purp

    2 back plants Jack Herer/GSC, 2 front ones Grandaddy purp

    4 hybrids in flower
  9. Bubbaman

    My finished product Do Si Dos

    Just a couple photos of a couple buds from my do si dos harvest. How’s it look
  10. Bubbaman

    My do si dos clone 8 weeks flower

    Week 8 of flower just wanted to she how she’s going. Feed back would be great thanks. This is now my 7th grow. I received this plant as a clone. Just harvested 3 white widow plants about 2 months ago. Last 4 photos are my white widows after dry and cure
  11. Bubbaman

    On week 8 of flower now with my Do Si Dos

    I’m now into week 8 buds looking far and very smelly. Do si dos is the strain. What do you think
  12. Bubbaman

    Week 7 flower strain: Do Si Dos

    On week 7 now of flower just wanted to post couple pics of the girl. Do si dos is the strain got it as a clone from a friend.
  13. Bubbaman

    Week 4 growing do si dos

    Got this plant as a clone from a friend just posting weekly pics of its grow. On week 4 now growing do si dos. Just finished a white widow grow a month and a bit ago.
  14. Bubbaman

    My finished product white widow is the strain

    It’s dried and cured now and this is the final product white widow. How does it look !?
  15. Bubbaman

    Do-si-dos is the strain 2 weeks into flower

    Got a clone from a buddy do-si-dos is the strain. She’s two weeks into flower just looking for some feed back always looking to improve
  16. Bubbaman

    Just finished harvest on my white widows

    Just finished harvesting my 3 white widows 277 grams wet. I’m still new to growing how do they look !
  17. Bubbaman

    Week 9 of flower

    I’m now on week 9 of flower getting real close. I’m growing white widow just looking for some feed back. How are they looking
  18. IMG_20200614_165755.jpg


    Brother in law has few girls going he was gifted .
  19. George from The Vault

    Canada: Buy Cannabis Seeds with Credit Card at The Vault

    Visit Buy Cannabis Seeds with Credit Card Canada - at The Vault for more details.
  20. Kodiak420

    2020 Outdoor Organic Grow Central Canada

    Good Day, I wanted to track my grow this year, and possibly get some suggestions. Strains from Crop King - Purple Kush, feminized, Photo x 3 These were started on April 9th . April 10th they were planted in soil. Their final home will be in 45 gallon fabric pots. Starting in June - NYC...
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