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    Air Canada Grounds Medicinal Marijuana User

    Michael Korchak says he could see the stares and hear the whispers. He'd hit a snag on his trip home to Burlington last Thursday for Christmas and a group of Air Canada employees was gathering around him at its busy departure gate at the Halifax airport. The 25-year-old Canadian Armed...
  2. J

    Archaic Regulations Threaten Canada's Hemp Industry

    Canada has been a leader in hemp production and its utilization since production was legalized in 1997, but now it risks being supplanted by the United States because of archaic Canadian laws, Kim Shukla, executive director of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance (CHTA) says. "We have a...
  3. 2

    What happen to great pot back in the days 1995-2003

    I use to get pot back in the days between 1995-2002.. stuff back in the days where u just take one hit and it taste sweet like purple even though its a green strain. IT WAS INDOOR FOR SURE!. hard to explain the flavor but it taste sweet and earthy and is really smooth down the throat and give a...
  4. D

    When should i start cloning for outdoor and how should i do it? PS i live in canada

    Hey. this is my first OUTDOOR grow and i figure instead of planting 10-15 seeds and hope for 5 good females i should just clone two or three and find a mother to clone some females. So when should i start germinating. When should i test clones for sex and when do i cut my 5 clone off. Finally...
  5. N

    Thinking of growing outside this summer - 1st time grower

    So I've been thinking about growing marijuana this summer. I'm from northern Canada, and the growing season is from mid-April to September. I was wondering what you guys would suggest for such a short season, clones or seeds? I was told to grow them until they're about a foot tall, then plant...
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    Category B - Ontario Canada - my doc says yes - what now?

    Hi folks, I am in Ontario Canada and hoping to get my MMAR license. I had testicular cancer last year, and now I am suffering from what counselors are calling post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. It was a rough go and I am having trouble coping. I had never even tried weed. Some...
  7. BlissfulToker

    Is it too late for a 3inch plant to produce this year?

    I live in Canada B.C, just wondering if I could expect a 3'' inch tall plant to produce anything this year, or will i end up having to bring it indoors to finish? In case anyone missed the date I'm posting this, it is June 17.
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    Why Prohibition? Cannabis in Canada

    YouTube - Why Prohibition? - Cannabis in Canada
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    Why Prohibition?

    Cannabis in Canada YouTube - Why Prohibition? - Cannabis in Canada
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