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    Help please: stage 4 cervical cancer oils?

    Hi I am 4 treatments in of my 6 chemos. Discovered in august cervical uterus womb bladder and Bowel cancer with some on my lung, and my lymph nodes. They’ve called it cervical and my halfway scan shows it has gone from my lung and I developed loads of lumps on my knicker line /side of groin and...
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    Need help with pre cervical cancer

    Hi. I've consumed cannabis recreationally for years. I've been diagnosed with stage 3 cervical dysplasia or pre cancer cells on my cervix. I went in today for treatment and the machine they use to burn chunks of your cervix off, wouldn't work on me. They couldn't find a ground, had changed the...
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    Please Help!

    Hello All, I am a stage 4 colon cancer patient, female, with unresectable metastases to liver. I have been struggling with these metastases for 3.5 years, trying to eliminate them and nothing helps. Now it looks like the end game - things are really bad.... MJ is my last hope, but I have...
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