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  1. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Company Nudges Florida Regulators To Allow Pot Candies

    In Colorado, California and other cannabis hotbeds, marijuana "edibles" are big business. That's not the case yet in Florida, a state that technically allows edibles but where regulators have yet to set rules for cannabis candies. In a move to spur the state to allow cannabis candies...
  2. F

    Had 3 candies of 10 mg and 1 mint of 5 mg - Can I pass the hair test?

    I am so stressed out and found this website hoping someone can give me insights... I was in CO and had 3 candies of 10mg and 1 mint of 5 mg in the same day (2 weeks ago). I just heard there is a hair drug test coming! I don't know the exactly time but it should be in the next week or two...