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candy cane

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    Bonsai bud
  4. CharlieG

    Charlie's Canna Terra Professional Candy Cane Auto 2018 First Time Grower

    What strain is it? Candy cane auto Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? 60% Indica 30% sativa 10% ruderalis Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If in Veg... For how long? 27 days If in Flower stage... For how long? Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in...
  5. Lamp change flower.jpg

    Lamp change flower.jpg

    Changed 250w MH lamp to 450w HPS
  6. JackRedins

    Candy Cane Auto - Newby To Indoor

    Ok time to take the plunge. After sticking to outdoor grows since '76 I figured I'd try a tiny indoor op. Light one fixture, adjustable ballast 250w MH for veg 400w HPS for flower I want 4 plants so I germinated 5 seeds according to crop king seeds directions. They guarantee an 80% success...
  7. KingCloudy

    Auto Fem CKS Candy Cane for first grow - Any pointers?

    Looking for a friend or guru to help me out a bit! I love to learn!
  8. C

    CKS Candy Cane Feminized Seeds Autos - DWC Started Dec 2016

    Well I started 4 Candy Cane Autos as soon as I got them around Dec 10.. I didn't date them like I usually do because I wanted to see them turn on there own then switch them. I'm Assuming they are feminized, especially after reading everyone's trouble with them. Just means more to love and less...
  9. GrowMedicine

    Grow Medicine - Soil - Candy Cane Auto CKS - Grow Journal - 2016

    Hello everyone. I figure, what better way to learn from my first grow failures and successes than to start a grow journal. I have read lots and lots way before I ever ventured into this my first grow attempt, not to mention it is nice to finally be legal to grow my own medicine. I appreciate...
  10. J

    Just bought Candy Cane seeds - Need help

    Hello i just bought some candy cane seeds and i am in need of some help of what ill do after i germinate them.... I will be growing them indoors any one that could please help me let me know i would like to have all the stuff ready thank you
  11. M

    Candy cane growing out of control!

    Can someone help meI've been growing CK candy cane since the end of may...the plant is now 8 feet tall and hasn't yet started to flower, I'm growing outside in compost I've been composting for 12yrs now...the last two weeks its been growing a foot a week....is it supposed to get this tall...
  12. G

    Candy Cane flowering time?

    Hi. I am growing candy cane auto flower for my ill mother and they say 7 weeks flower on website. Is that 7 weeks from seed to harvest Any help would be great they came up out of soil May 24 weekend CFL grow. 9 23 watt and one 42 watt CFL. Thanks
  13. Demon42069

    Demon42069 - First Grow - CKS Autos - Candy Cane - Amnesia Haze - Early Miss - 2016

    hey everyone, I know there are a lot of these but figured I would post my grow in case someone notices something I am doing wrong or could do better. this is my first grow ever so still learning but I think have got a good handle on it. since this is my first grow I decided to just grow a bunch...
  14. D

    Dick23rk's 1st Journal - 1st Hempy - CKS Autoflower Candy Cane & Amnesia Haze - 2016

    Hey everyone. This will be my first grow journal, decided to do one since I got some seeds from CropKingSeeds. All my previous grows have been different bag seeds with decent success rates in soil. Now I am moving on to HempyBuckets to further my experience and hopefully keep things more simple...
  15. T

    White Widow - LED - DWC - Journal

    6 cropking(ck) white widow, 6 greenhouse white widow, 1 ck candycane auto 4 ck dwarf lowflyers (sprouted jan.2-6) *note* don't mix seeds next time:( SETUP; 240 gallon dwc built like a wooden concrete form with 6m polly, net pots & hydroton, topdrip, 18 airstones, blackdog...
  16. Mr289

    New Grower Help - Candy Cane

    This is my first grow ever, I'm growing Auto Flower Fem Candy Cane. I'm not sure how far along I am in the grow but my plants seem to look fine except for one of them, its started to develop an odd pattern of spots, I've tried to google for help but thought maybe some experienced growers maybe...
  17. B

    Auto-Feminized Candy Cane Gender Confusion

    Hey everyone! I know this question has been asked and answered a million times in these forums. However, as a first-time grower, I've viewed images of male vs female plants that look similar to my own plants; which only adds to my confusion and anxiety around the sex of my plant. I started...
  18. T

    Crop Kings - Candy Cane Auto - First Grow Journal

    Strain: Crop King Seeds: Candy Cane Autoflower Website: Marijuana Seeds Canada - Buy Cannabis Seeds For Sale - Crop King Genetics: White Widow X AK47 X Mango THC: 17.81% CBD: 0.1% CBN: 4.0% 70% Indica, 30% Sativa 7 week strain Is it in Veg or Flower stage: Veg Indoor...