candy kush

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    4.5 weeks of 8 and 10 weeks strains

    Gods Super Skunk Chernobyl Gods Cherry pie Prickly Pear Candy kush
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    Completed Namaste's Soil Solo Cup Bag Seed - First Grow!

    :welcome: Welcome all! After lurking these forums, amongst several others, and being stuck in the 'research' phase for a little over 3 years, I finally decided to bite the bullet when I had some extra cash, and finally give this a go! Being my first time, all advice, questions and comments are...
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    1st Grow Candy Kush auto Mexican Airlines auto

    I know these aren't super plants, but the 4 I have going should make enough for my wife and I to sit on for a while. Been a learning experience so far to say the least and prob more to come . This pic is of the Ck at day 30 I tied 3 over to the north so that the southern sun could cover more...
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    Completed Normando's First Grow Auto Candy Kush(125w CFL, indoor soil)

    Hello everyone, just posting on my very first grow ever! I originally wasn't going to do a journal because I've never grown weed or any other plant and didn't want to expose my failures but decided not only was it gonna help my learning curve but I can also get advice from more experienced...
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