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  1. Cronichemphog

    Cronichemphog's Advanced LED Indoor Perpetual

    still going with the advanced led's have a new 400 reflector im trying but its not in the tent at this time still using the botanicare nutes with amendments change out sweet product with massive also using terpinator dwc bubblers also got a new seed project going feminized candyland and a...
  2. Cronichemphog

    Cronichemphog Still Doing Outdoor

    ok i got em in the box already been out there for a week its got supplemental lighting to keep it from blooming gonna give it another 1 to 2 weeks of additional light not going to let them get big as the last time its my super soil most additives are same as everyone else some things may...
  3. Jackofall420

    Candyland - 2 Mars 48 Series Reflector 200 Watts At Wall

    Hello from Grassachusettes! Here we have a Candyland. I dont remember the breeder it was a freebie from Attitude about a year ago. I using *2*series 48 reflector grow lights **mars hydro** Reason being I'm trying to keep this grow low key and at 200 watts at the wall, its perfect for my...
  4. juanbahama

    Juanbahama's Hydro Candyland & Skywalker Kush First Time Grow - 2017

    Hello! Welcome to my first grow journal! Strain - I went with Granddaddy Purple Seeds regular Candyland & Reserva Privada Skywalker Kush since both have similar flowering times of 8-9 weeks. Germinated four Candyland seeds on 4/13 five days ago in rapid rooters. One of them is pretty runty...