1. D

    Canna professional plus for germination

    Hi, What are your opinions in using canna terra professional plus since germination? I will be using 5 gallon pots. Thanks in advannce
  2. hazeluv69

    Rips & tears in leaves? Help!

    Well firstly I’m growing in coco coir, canna range , flowering week 2 ph 6-6.3 , temps 25-28 lights on, humidity 50-70 mainly 50/60. Seeing all these tears and rips in my leaves , haven’t spotted any pests even using a microscope . Have had sticky traps up since day one and I never open up the...
  3. hazeluv69

    Burnt brown leaf tips?

    Growing haze clones - approximately 8 weeks old - Currently just started flower a day ago have got some pics attached my leafs are getting brown tips , on the old growth and new growth! Growing in coco , 600w led, high 40- mid 50 humidity , 25-28 degrees Celsius with lights on, feeding using the...
  4. hazeluv69

    How to use canna boost & pk13/14? Coco grow

    Hi I’m growing in coco 12 litre fabric pots, 600w LED, I have just come out of veg , feeding 2-5ml-3ml canna a and b per 10l , 7ml rhizo and 1ml calmag ! I know it sounds crazy that I mix that less in 10l but it’s been working and my leaves are looking good and I’ve just induced the flowering...
  5. Tezb7

    Abandoned DWC Blue Gelato grow

    Hello everyone this is my first post on i have 2 blue gelato plants that are going to be grown in dwc bubblers. Im using a 1.2m x 1.2m tent for veg and a 1.2 x 2.4 tent for flower. I am using canna nutes for this grow. Hope you all enjoy.
  6. Florushingflowers

    Canna Bio range first timer, help!

    Okay guys, I'm only familiar with Coco and struggling to get my head around the canna bio range that consists of bio vega, bio flores, Rhizotonic, bio boost. I'm also using the bio terra plus as my medium. Which all states there is NO need to ph with this mix Problem: currently in day 23, have...
  7. SmokeLake

    SmokeLake 420 Poison Skunk & Steve’s Clone In The Tent

    315 CMH 4x4 Tent Exhaust Fan w/charcoal filter ProMix Hp cc CalMag Canna Vega Canna Flores and Bloom Booster are my planned nutrients Clones from 3 outdoor plants Early Poison Skunk (1 tooth pick) Big Poison Skunk (2 tooth picks) Steve’s Clone (3 tooth picks) ( Steve gave...
  8. Blinkflag

    Semi Newbie First LED Grow With Coco

    Hi Guys, :welcome: This is going to be my first grow using LED lights and coco coir/perlite 50/50 as a medium. Any advice or Info along the way is much appreciated! :thumb: My Setup: 1m x 1m x 1.8m Mylar Tent 4" Intake fan which is fed through the bottom duct hole 4" RAM Inline mixed flow...
  9. Hdinkleman

    Super Lemon Haze Grow Through Grid Scrog

    day 30 I have been purposefully trying to stunt this plants growth due to my “veg area” space limitations but now i got a tent. i will use it for just veg, seed starting, but anyways here it goes— - 1 nirvana super lemon haze seed - currently under a 75 watt 5000k cob - mixture of CANNA...
  10. K

    Canadian Xpress Nutrients

    hey kinda new to the forums been growing for few years now with pretty decent results, But always looking to pick the brains of other well experienced growers as you can never stop learning right. I am currently using the canadian xpress coco line of nutrients and all their additives + Cmx for...
  11. Hdinkleman

    Early Miss Auto Veg Area Grow

    Ok guys im starting this journal to change a few things up with my nutes and see what i can grow as an afterthought to my flower tent. -1 early miss cks auto -3 gallon normal pot - using only bio canna nutes i am not going to be using cannazyme with this grow, i actually think i may have been...
  12. K

    Canna Terra Professional: Have you used it and what have you found?

    Hi there so i have been growing for the last 5 years mainly in a mix of 70% coco and 30% perlite and the full Canadian Xpress nutrient range with pretty good success. How ever recently desided to try the Canna Terra Professional mix out. So far all is going well it has a small amount of nutrient...
  13. Advocate420

    Advocate420's 2019: 2 Plant Medical Grow

    Hello ! Going to try starting a fresh journal and attempt to expand on making it useful for myself and others. A little About Me: I started growing in the last couple years. I finally have my own space to use how I see fit now and without it effecting anyone else. I call it comfort :p. I am a...
  14. George from The Vault

    The Vault Now Guarantee Delivery To Australia!

    We have some great news for our Aussie customers: with upgrades from Royal Mail and AusPost, we can now guarantee deliveries to the wonderful land of Aus :) Read more about it on The Vault Website Blog. #TeamVault
  15. Cultivator Disciple

    I'm blessed to be a part of the community that will help me grow in every way

    Hi everyone, Today is a happy day as I have finally created my profile on 420 magazine. I'm new to growing and have been researching many different forums on the web and definitely came up with the conclusion that this is by far the most reliable and safe place to be (safe as in, you won't get...
  16. C

    Abandoned 2 Blue Dream - Second Grow - CannaCoco - LED - 2018

    Good evening everyone. I am a new grower from Canada. I decided to start growing weed a few months ago. I started reading about it and looking at videos on youtube. At first I thought it would be easy to grow weed. I am used to grow basil and other vegetables but I realized at my first grow...
  17. IrNlung

    Abandoned IrNlung's HSO Blueberry Headband - NFT - LED - 1 Light 1 Plant

    Hi all, First time doing a journal but have been growing on and off for around 15+ years,Only ever indoor's due to prohibition and the weather where I am,Any help in doing this journal will be appreciated..I'm here to learn as well as to help. Now that the Mars competition is out the way I...
  18. S

    Canna oil

    I have a question regarding the making of canna oil. I had some trim given to me which I decarbed and then processed in the magical butter machine following instructions. The trim was old and the end result was not very strong. My question is this. I now have some good bud I grew in the...
  19. R

    My first grow - Any help appreciated

    Hi Guys & Girls, This is my first grow OG KUSH so help would be really grateful, My Grow Indoor grow 300w veg/bloom led light canna coco canna coco a&b nutes My first question would be what other feed/nutes like perlite/calmag would I use with the canna coco a&b? Also when I do...
  20. mackdaddyerb

    Biocanna With Canna Coco - pH - Yield

    Hi I want to try a coco grow (auto flower). Judging by other threads I will be able to use the organic Biocanna range nutrients with Cannas coco. Is it true I will not need to worry about ph with the biocanna range? and does this apply if I am using coco as my medium Will I...
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