1. G

    Help with nutrient schedule!

    Just switched from fox farms full line to canna's terra line. I also have all the canna additives and when using canna nutrient calculator it isint specific on if you feed with every watering or every other water like with fox farm line? I don't plan on feeding fully until flower anyways because...
  2. M

    Abandoned 3rd - Another By Mooshu - Sunsystem DE HPS

    Another by Mooshu NEVER STOP IMPROVING summery hello everyone I'm just beginning to put all my leafs together and about to lift off with another grow. this grow is not sponsored by sunsystems but id like to review and use their lights to give Double ended HPS' a try. ive been (on and off)...
  3. I

    2nd grow fails because of yellowing week 3-4 flower

    Hello, My name is Hugo and I'm looking forward to the day when I'll be smoking my own good quality cannabis, BUT I still have a lot to learn and I have a problem that I can't solve and i'm getting really frustrated. I It's the second time my 6 plants start to yellow at 3-4 weeks into bloom...
  4. C

    Completed Green Crack CBD - Calvados 2nd - 4x4 - LED - 450W & 300W

    Hi. This is my second indoor grow. Big takeaway from the first grow is journal everything. Do this logically. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I did a bit of homework to come up with Green Crack. It sounds like good fun. I enjoy getting high. It's my cocktail. I'm in my 60s...
  5. B

    New kid on the bud - Nutrient advice

    Hey i like to fancy myself a grower even though i only have grown 3 using coco and Canna nutrients in a 6.5x6.5x6.5 growlab tent with a 1000w hps light. i was thinking about getting cannaboost i have heard that it increases the yield but i also heard that its bad for the plant..i just cant seem...
  6. HigherTheHigh

    Nutrients advice needed - Already running a selection but want to add

    hello all! in to week 5 now. currently running northern lights with: canna a+b. canna boost. advanced nutrients big bud. advanced nutrients bud candy. what else can i run to get a heavey yield, buds are looking really nice and want to add a bit more if i can as im going to cure...
  7. W

    AMS Pineapple Express

    Grown in canna coco with canna coco a&b, rhizo, cannazyme, boost, and pk 13/14 Ppms 550-750veg, 750-1100bloom Ph 6.0veg, 5.7bloom
  8. J

    Flowering stage

    Hello My plant's been switched on to 12/12 regime & still isn't flowering…hardly any signs of flowering can be detected. Because of this abnormal development the plant keeps stretching up, now grown almost by one meter & still growing. Pot is 15 liters, coco with perlite, Led of 600 WAT, basic...
  9. S

    About PK boosters

    Hi everyone, im starting the bloom phase in my garden, 400w hps with good vent and filtration system, growing on soil, feeding with Canna solution. I have recently got Canna PK 13/14 and Plant magic Platinum. The question is it OK to use them both?? Thanks
  10. quinny

    New grow

    Im currently using canna pro plus medium and canna vega and everythin seems to be ok i was surprised that i would even work haha thank
  11. F

    First time grow needing a little help

    so i have bought everything i need just about what i have 50 liters canna coco natural. 10 liters plant pots. seeds. 600 watt hps + reflector and ballast. tent. (dont know if i will use this but cool tube reflector) 5 inch extractor fan and carbon filter. canna coco a + b...
  12. B

    Growing autos in coco - Anything more besides Canna Coco A/B & Calmag?

    Hello growers! As per title, I am growing autos in coco using only ph'd water with calmag and Canna coco A+B at every feed. They're all still in vegetative phase but I am curious if I can benefit from any other additives during this or future grows. I will continue doing a few more auto...
  13. M

    My first grow - Comments appreciated!

    Hi all. I would like to share with you the details of my first ever grow. It is in a closet I adapted myself. I would value any feedback. Especially I would like to get any views on pruning the lower branches. The lighting arrangements I have and the shape of my grow closet are such that...
  14. HigherTheHigh

    Canna Aqua schedule anyone?

    has anyone got a schedule for the canna aqua side? from week 1 onwards. cannas schedule they give you is a tad harsh. thanks
  15. J

    Adding Extra Calcium

    Hello All, :Namaste: My plants are already 25 days old & they are growing very slowly. Feeding them canna coco 2 times a week, with ppm 450 & ph 6,0. The Runoff water PH is rather high – 7.0 when measured in a tray. Guess this ph level might be blocking absorption of certain micro elements. I...
  16. E

    Abandoned ElyjahKush's Indoor Coco Grow HPS & Canna Nutes

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my first ever: indoor coco grow. I will be growing 9 fem plants in a 1x1m tent: 3x Kalashnikova 1x GSC 2x Chocolate Mint OG 2x Amnesia Lemon 1x Black Dog Medium: Canna Coco Professional Plus only Light: 400W HPS Agro veg / 400W HPS Bloom flowering Extractor Fan...
  17. 4

    Help using Canna products!

    Hi all, Just bought Canna Boost Accelerator and PK 13/14. Made up 2ml/litre of Boost (minimum recommended by Canna), gave to my girls last night along with their regular feed of chilli nutes which they seem to enjoy, and today they all have nute burn. I majorly watered down the nutes for...
  18. HigherTheHigh

    Can I use Canna Boost while I'm flushing?

    she is a 7-8 week flowered bubblegum xl clone i flipped straight away as i had a northern lights grow im on growing, didnt think she would of survived but she's a little fighter, the pics are from a week ago, most of her white hairs have turned brown and i dont think she is going to get any...
  19. HigherTheHigh

    Anyone used canna flush? Re-using coco also? Need advice

    has anyone ever used canna flush with coco? got a few plants that when i come to harvest i want them to be flushed properly with not one trace of a chemical taste and get the natural flavours, iv flushed a few times and not done it properly and the taste was horrific. would like to no how...
  20. HigherTheHigh

    Blackstrap Molasses vs Canna Boost?

    whats peoples oppinions on molasses? and canna boost? has anyone every used malasses and got great yields from using it? reason i ask is i dont get paid from work till the 15th of next month and im 3 weeks from swith 12/12 on my ladies and they have small clusters of white hairs forming...
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