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  1. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights

    Wk #5 flowering
  2. T

    818 Headband

    The First 90 Minutes Episode 11 Strain: 818 Headband Dispensary: Liberty Cannabis / Holistic Industries Vitality collection (Sativa) Dispensary Agent: Peter Percentages: 19.50% THC / 0.39% CBD Hello to all my cannabis loving and cannabis-curious friends! Today we are going to talk about a pretty...
  3. trichome sphere

    trichome sphere

    two trichome photos combined in the round, just for fun!
  4. nbk380

    Nero Photosnap and imagination

    I just found this corner of the site but i have lots of artsy pix o' my buds. Enjoy. :smoke2:
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