cannabis art

  1. DoobieDuck

    DoobieDuck Still In The Game

    Hey friends, long time no see. My life got very busy, so, I almost lost touch with my friends on the web. Now health and age is catching up, has caught up with me and well, here I am! I'm still growing a few plants, shooting like mad, doing some new video diorama work, best for you, macros...
  2. Midwestcc420

    Midwest cannabis co

    I'm introducing Midwest cannabis company. Me and my wife are somewhat experienced growers. And we are hoping to one day soon get out business off the ground. You will see more from us soon. Thank you for welcoming us to the community
  3. Northern Lights

    Northern Lights

    Wk #5 flowering
  4. T

    818 Headband

    The First 90 Minutes Episode 11 Strain: 818 Headband Dispensary: Liberty Cannabis / Holistic Industries Vitality collection (Sativa) Dispensary Agent: Peter Percentages: 19.50% THC / 0.39% CBD Hello to all my cannabis loving and cannabis-curious friends! Today we are going to talk about a pretty...
  5. trichome sphere

    trichome sphere

    two trichome photos combined in the round, just for fun!
  6. nbk380

    Nero Photosnap and imagination

    I just found this corner of the site but i have lots of artsy pix o' my buds. Enjoy. :smoke2:
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