cannabis botany

  1. Slipdog01

    Fertilizer Liquids

    Got a Question here on Liquid Fertilizer's. Planting in Dirt and Bags. Mater of fact "pro-mix" with Peralite. Looking at our Sponsor links I find Dr Jimz Has anyone tried the liquid "Chicken Soup" and if so what is a recommendation?
  2. Blkhippiee

    Week 5 Veg: Indoor Home Grow

    So now we’re entering week 5 of Veg. Starting to notice the undergrowth rising up and forming nice looking colas. I’ve been tying down the larger taller branches to allow more light to hit the middle area. I’ve also noticed the branches and main stem thickening. So far so good.
  3. Veedubgrow

    Red Dwarf under the Maxbloom x4plus

    This red dwarf is blowing up under this light im loving it the performance is awesome on this light and im not even full power yet! Led: maxbloom x4plus Medium: cocoloco Nutrients: coldwar organics bud bread Tent: triangle vivosun Co2: tnb naturals Cant wait to see how big this beast gets!
  4. Veedubgrow

    Abandoned Maxbloom X4 Plus LED Grow

    This red dwarf Autoflower is about 16 days old underneath the maxbloom X4 Plus LED so far the plant has had vigorous growth and seems to love the LED I highly recommend this led for new Growers and experienced Growers alike there is growth happening daily the veg knob is on 100% now and it's...
  5. Blazer420

    Got an hour to kill? Want to know more about Cannabis botany?

    This has probably been posted before, but I just stumbled on it. Great article (long) that gives a really nice view of the botany of Cannabis. You can read it here :) B-
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