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    Marijuana Edibles Industry: Its Challenges & Future

    Ever since pot became legalized in Colorado and the other decriminalized states, cannabis-infused edibles have had a growing presence in the marijuana marketplace. Nearly 5 million marijuana edibles were sold in Colorado in 2014 alone, and culinary connoisseurs came out with everything from...
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    Rookie using Magical Butter for IBS/Crohn's Pain and Anxiety

    Out of the hundreds of treatments I've tried, it seems that marijuana is the only substance that makes my daily IBS symptoms completely disappear. Right now I've only been vaporizing. But my hope is to make cannabis butter to a precise dosage, then put that amount into small gelatin capsules...
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    Steps to making butter

    Hello! So I know there are a million of these but I didn't see one exactly the same as mine down there so I decided I'd add mine and if I can find my brownie recipie (somehow lost it) I will add that too! What you need: -1/2 oz. of finely ground weed (better the bud the better the...
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