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  1. D

    Early flowering? Trying to learn how to re-veg!

    GoodEvening 420 community! i seem to be in a unfamiliar situation . . I am in Southern California and I planted some seedlings in a plastic cup on Sept 30-Oct 2 & I just recently transferred all of them on Nov 1st. into a one gallon pot with Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. Its my first time growing...
  2. Veedubgrow

    Maxbloom X4 Plus LED Grow

    This red dwarf Autoflower is about 16 days old underneath the maxbloom X4 Plus LED so far the plant has had vigorous growth and seems to love the LED I highly recommend this led for new Growers and experienced Growers alike there is growth happening daily the veg knob is on 100% now and it's...
  3. S

    New To 420 Magazine

    Hey All, Myself Sam and here to learn and know more about Cannabis.
  4. baddaddygreen

    First Grow - Soil - LED Twin 900 Watt - Raindance Strain Equilibrium Genetics

    Howdy fellow farmers! This is my first attempt at growing indoors. I purchased a grow room last December and have FINALLY set it up in a secure location. Within sate guidelines. What I am growing and how: What strain is it? Raindance Hybrid not sure of the indica/sativa...
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