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    Abandoned Gelato-K Grow Journal

    Gelato-K [Gelato x Bubba Kush] is a prize-winning strain famed for it's sweet flavours and with 20% THC, the quality is guaranteed Sativa dominant, I will need to top and LST to keep the plant at a manageable height of 80cm max This seedling is 7-10 days since germination and I am feeding...
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    Outdoor/Greenhouse: Ginger Ape Genetics Bruce Banner Phenotype Vs. Sherbert Auto - Germenation Stage

    My grow season is starting off with a BANG!! Phenotype Vs. Auto Bruce Banner Vs. Sherbert Ginger Ape Genetics. 1# Bruce Banner Hybrid: OG Kush/Strawberry Diesel Phenotype. 2# Sherbert Hybrid: GSC/Pink Panties Auto Flower
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    Completed Critical Kush

    This one is a regular on the farm. We have run a few critical x strains and have been very happy. Again I have been very lax on my journal but this is one larger update and then it will be steady and regular as it should be.
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