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  1. S

    Greetings my 2nd home and family :)

    Sorry for bein' so dramatic, but I have a really good feeling actually stepping up after all these years of smoking, (and 3-4 times of growing), and making the decision to sign up to my favorite past-time forum. Well, simply because it's considered illegal in my country to cultivate. For...
  2. K

    Completed Sharks Breath - Early Stages of Flowering

    Okay after a few minor breaches of policy I apologize to everyone for sounding like a sales person. Just a little excited about how everything has turned out for me and I have a big month. anyway... I'm now posting up some pics of sharksbreath. This is a new strain on the farm and we are really...
  3. D

    Abandoned 1st Time Indoor Soil Grow - 250W - Northern Lights Auto - UK - Advice Appreciated :)

    Hi all, First time grower newbie, thought id log my first attempt at an indoor grow. would really appreciate advice, info and comments ] I am Using: 250 Watt Proxima Euro Light System Florescent T8 tube (for Dark / Shade spots) Standard Oscillating Fan BioBizz All-Mix Soil BioBizz...
  4. M

    mises890 - Introduction - teach me something

    Hi 420magazine community! This is mises890. . I recently joined 420magazine after I began to read up on another user's grow journal (SteveHman). I was impressed with the quality of the forum, the controls over the forum, the grow journals, and its friendly member community. I plan to start...
  5. J.Cervantes

    Jorge Cervantes Medical Marijuana Outdoors

    Check out the 10-pound plants in this video!
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