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  1. Ron Strider

    Cannabis-Infused Cotton Candy Will Give You A Next Level Sugar High

    With the increasingly growing acceptance and legalization of marijuana across the world, the market has seen an uptick in various cannabis-infused food products that go way beyond regular brownies and gummy candy. We've got wine, beer, milk, sparkling water, pizza, chocolate and, thanks to San...
  2. Ron Strider

    CA: Bay Area Women Get High On Cannabis-Infused Tea

    Three dozen women, most wearing cocktail dresses and vintage hats, gathered in the backyard of a private Mill Valley, Calif. home last month to snack on delicate finger sandwiches, chat, and microdose on cannabis-infused tea. The "High Tea" was one of a few recent Bay Area parties hosted by...
  3. K

    Cannabis-Infused Wine - What's In Store For The Future?

    Did you know that infusing cannabis into wine has been practiced for thousands of years? Early records from the Han Dynasty in China point to the ganja and grape combo being used to knock out patients before surgery. In the United States, cannabis-infused wine was quietly developed in the...