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    PhenoFinder - All Strains Reduced At CannapotHempshop

    Hiho :cheer2: We have reduced all strains by PhenoFinder Seeds at our shop - check out here: Pheno Finder - sought after phenotypes of modern cannabisseeds Phenofinder has many interesting strains like Purple Strawberry Bliss, Lemon Bubble, LA Fire or Grapefruit Diesel. All packs...
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    Haze.io - Independence Day Lottery

    Hello you beautiful people! Summer is here and we have the most amazing promotion of this year for you! What is it? Simple! For every 10 GBP (apprx. $13) that you spend with us, you will receive one lottery ticket! (Example: if you order for 86 GBP ($114) then you'll get eight...