cannalope haze

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    Cannalope Kush

    I live in Illinois and the dispensary Pharma Cannis & wellness they just opened last week and so far I have tried a few different strains and the CANNALOPE KUSH (PARENTS CANNALOPE HAZE & OG #18) It is a sativa dominant hybrid. I have noticed pain reduction in my back and knees and notice a...
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    Trying a 24/0 cycle LED grow with 1 plant

    Trying a 24/0 cycle LED grow with 1 plant. Its a nirvana seeds autoflower feminized bubblicious and doing it in fox farms ocean forest. Also doing DNA seeds cannalope kush and Northern lights x blueberry in a separate tent under 250w hps still the same fox farms ocean forest soil but doing the...
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    Completed Tom5436 Indica Pre 98 Bubba Clone/ Sativa Cannalope Haze grow journal~ 2009

    Strain: Pre 98 Bubba:ganjamon: Indica, Indoor 7 days since purchased from PCC in Santa Barbara Current Stage: Veg Age in Stage: 7 days Soil: Fox Farm Pot Volume: about 4 cups Light: 150 watts Light Distance: 12" Light Times: 18-6 Fans: Two computer fans (until the batteries died after 6...
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