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    Cannazym or hygrozyme?

    Medium: Foxfarm OF Size: clones (Transplanted 6days ago) No signs of bad roots but was looking into enzymes to help these clones off to a running start alongside the superthrive I'm feeding them. So, cannazym or hygrozyme? Anyone who has experience with both products are very welcome...
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    RTD Indoor GSC Soil Grow Journal

    Strain:- spanish seeds 1 x GSC fem ( freebie ) (58-72 days flower) Space:- 1.5m x 1m x 1m Light :- 400w hps 1 clip on fan 600w carbon scrubber Medium:- top soil / compost mix Nutes :- cannazym, canna coco ver A for veg + ionic pk boost for flower Training :- LST/FIM HI PPL, I'm a...
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    Air Stones Strange Slime - Bits In Res Water - Pics

    Has anyone seen this before? Res tem 67f, lower at lights out. nutes:formulex, rhizotonic, cannazym, magne-cal+, liquid silicon. ppm 560 ph 5.5-6.2 Last run i had slime on the stones and ended up with root rot. this run i thought cannazym and rhizo would prevent this.(full strength)...