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  1. Ron Strider

    OR: Cannabis Coming Soon To Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach will welcome its first marijuana dispensary later this summer. The Portland-based, recreational dispensary Five Zero Trees will move into the former location of the home goods store Fruffels at 140 S. Hemlock St. within the next six weeks, co-owner Case Van Dorne said. Van Dorne...
  2. K

    OR: Cannon Beach Awaits First Marijuana Application

    Cannon Beach - Inquiries yes, but applications have yet to be filed in Cannon Beach for a retail cannabis outlet. Voters knocked down a retail cannabis prohibition at the polls on Election Day. By voting "no" to prohibition, they green-lighted the retail licensing of cannabis dispensaries in...
  3. K

    OR: Southern Exposure - Pot Politics On The Quiet In Cannon Beach

    In Cannon Beach the biggest surprise of the November election is the sound of silence. After a City Council meeting this spring opened the doors licensing of retail marijuana dispensaries within city limits, opponents reacted quickly. "We will do an initiative," Cannon Beach resident Marlene...
  4. K

    OR: A Yes Vote Means No To Cannabis In Cannon Beach

    The future of cannabis in Cannon Beach has a number, and it's not 420. Measure 4-179 prohibiting the sale of recreational marijuana in Cannon Beach is officially on the November ballot, with the question: "Shall recreational marijuana producers, processors, wholesalers, and retailers be...
  5. K

    OR: Opt-Out Vote Could Prohibit Cannabis Shops In Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach - Retail cannabis shops could be located in any of three commercial areas, according to a Cannon Beach City Council vote this week. But whether any retail recreational shops will come to Cannon Beach at all will be at the discretion of the voters. A group of residents...
  6. K

    'No Pot' Option Headed To Cannon Beach Ballot

    Cannon Beach - Although 63 percent of Cannon Beach voters approved a state measure to legalize recreational marijuana in Oregon, some residents say that does not indicate residents want a retail cannabis shop in town. A petition asking for the rejection of the licensing of cannabis sales in...