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  1. T

    Getting ready to grow

    Hi just starting back up after 8 years, can't wait to start growing again:thumb:
  2. F

    Ready or not?

    I honestly can't tell if these are ready for harvest. I try looking at trichomes but can't tell the difference between clear or cloudy Please help fiireygrower Gallery - 420 Magazine Photo Gallery
  3. B

    Brown or yellow spots - I can't tell

    Hello there im about 3/4 weeks into my first ever grow and im using coco, and on some of the plants i can see an odd spot or two either brown or yellow i cant tell propperly, sometimes the edge of a leaf or two are slightly brown ish, the girls seem to still be growing quickly, how do they look...
  4. G

    Quick Northern Lights Question

    I jist started my first crop in over 8 years. I chose northern lights fem from Nirvana but i can't find any real info on it. So my question is since northern lights is a heavy main cola producer does she take well to topping? I know some strains dont like it and i have never grown northern...
  5. G

    New guy here

    just wanted to say hey to everyone im a new grower this year and almost ready to harvest cant wait hope everyone is as blessed and happy as i am
  6. JGibs420

    Can't find a loupe? Modify binoculars

    So if like me you've just about given up looking for a loupe all over town and can't find one... Buy some second hand broken binoculars like I did for about $3 and turn it into a loupe yourself :thumb: I used an 8x30 pair of binoculars, simply took it apart and adjusted the lenses slightly to...
  7. K

    Can't get it right!

    Ive sprouted 4 seeds in an inhert medium (peat moss, sand and perelite) as everything I have read indicates that seedlings dont need any nutrients for the first two weeks at least. The first set of spiked leaves on my seedlings are turning yellowish white. They are under 200 watts of cfl all up...
  8. C

    Need urgent help

    Hi need some help with my girls they were growing well till about a week ago now one is just about dead and the other that I thought was ok is starting to get the same thing (yellowed new growth ) I'm thinking ph or poor drainage though it's the same soil I usually use outdoors with reasonable...
  9. S

    Help - Diagnosis & treatment needed

    Hi Total newbie and this is my first and only plant.Its Danky Doodle strain. The plant is now 4 months old and up to 2 weeks ago was growing well.Then all of a sudden the leaves have stated to yellow with brown spots and crispy edges.I have done some reading and cant fathom the...
  10. P

    New grower leaf problems

    Leaves are turning yellow around edges and tips. Ph is 6.1 ppm is 370 after nutrients added started with ppm of 21. Using foxfarm nutrients can't seem to figure out what to add to raise the ppm cause I'm pretty sure from what I've read it's nitrogen deficiency. Thanks for the help if you can.
  11. dieselskunk

    Growing on a balcony

    I have looked lots of places but can't find an answer. Can I grow on a balcony in my own house not visible from the street or by neighbors? I consider this to be locked, not accessible and not visible to anyone. But I just can't find the current law on Mass growing, just articles all over the...
  12. PuffnPuggle

    New here

    I am new here, and completely new to growing. I live in a suburb of Greensboro, NC, and I am doing an outdoor grow of Auto Lemon Haze. Since it is still illegal here my Doctors cant prescribe it for me, however they told me as soon as it's legal I am getting it; they know I smoke and are happy I...
  13. T

    I can't find a weak enough fan for my microgrow!

    Hi, I'm going to be growing in a box of about 4 cubic feet, I have got the smallest filter I could find (Prima Klima K2600FLAT) but I'm a bit unsure about what fan to use; going by the rule of thumb I read about exchanging the air once every three minutes, this would require a fan of just...
  14. M

    Dry brittle leaves

    They do fine when moved to tent but I can't get them to keep from being so dry. I'm veging in a 2x2x4 solid white box I built. Has exhaust fan plus a 6inch fan for circulation. Lights stay at least 20in from plants. Leaves become dry n brittle then turn a dark brown way can I do?
  15. Saibot

    I'm stuck in Nooberville again

    Due to legal considerations I had to stop using my other account. Hopefully it's only temporary. I forgot how much it sucks to be a noob. I can't PM! And nobody knows me. And I can't just run around saying, "My name was _________" to my friends, because of the search feature. Oh well...
  16. I

    Iceman420 - Has Anyone Smoked This Strain? White Walker Kush

    Just wondering about this strain, ive tried skywalker og but not this. If you have smoked it or know where i can find some info on it(i can't seem to find anything anywhere) let me know!! lol
  17. BraicaBrick

    Picking out a Greenhouse

    I'm in the market for a personal greenhouse. Any suggestions on what brands and/or materials to look out for? Thanks I appreciate it! Can't wait to throw my hat in the ring
  18. S

    Critical Jack - Dinafem

    Hi ! Here is my last harvest, critical jack from DINAFEM, :cheer2: Currently drying, can't wait ! :drool::Hookah: Thanks for reading :Namaste:
  19. L

    Otherwise known as Roach

    I've been getting 420's newsletters for several years now and found them both enjoyable and informative. Having been active in the fight against marijuana laws back in the '70's, I appreciate everything 420 is doing to keep the fight going. Yeah.....I'm an old fart.....turn 61 this year...
  20. E

    Afghan Kush Special From World Of Seeds

    Planted on 2/7/17 germanated on 2/11/17. Same method as my other girls.. No special changes. This is my first 100% indica strain...can't wait,,,, HAPPY GROWING ,, FOOTLOOSE FOOTLOOSE KICK OFF YOUR SUNDAY SHOES,,LOL,,
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