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    A gift for a dear friend
  2. wildride

    14 Different Strains Grow

    Hey, Just cracked my seeds for my Strain Test run. Gonna run off 14 Different strains at once, popped em in my water ( seperate glass of water for each seed ) 24 hours ago had 1 crack at 13 hrs, 1 at 14 and 1 at 15 roughly. 1: Blueberry from Canuk Seeds. ****** cracked and root at 13 hours...
  3. steppedinds

    Step's Closet & 5x5

    I just got my 5x5 1000w Hortilux HPS tent setup and running to add to my closet. I'm now at the end of day 2. The closet is 2x6 with a Mars II 1200 and two Mars 300. Both grow spaces are Ebb & Flow design. 6" rockwool cubes are planted into 50L of hydroton in 21gal mixing mortar trays...
  4. C

    Canuk Lemon Skunk Auto running long

    I'm growing a Lemon Skunk Auto from Canuk which was a free seed from True North. It's a 10 week, from seed, autoflower but I'm starting week 13 now and it clearly has 2-3 weeks left in flower. All hairs are white and tricomes are clear. I wonder if True North meant to list it as a 10 week...
  5. O

    Seed banks

    Been hearing that there's is a lot of fraudulent seed banks out there saying that they have this strain and that, but really sending you something else. I got a free WW seed from canuk seed bank and not only did she hermied at the end but it's not that potent. Just wanted to know if anyone heard...