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  1. Ron Strider

    D.C. Police Arrest Woman With Pot, But Charges Dropped. Now, She Wants Her Weed Back

    A District woman is firing a novel legal challenge to the ambiguous marijuana laws in the nation's capital. U.S. Capitol Police seized Jessica Laycock's cannabis earlier this year on land under local police jurisdiction, but the charges against her were dropped. Now, she's fighting to get her...
  2. K

    Legislator To Introduce Two Medical Marijuana Bills At GA Capitol

    Atlanta - A Georgia representative says he plans to file new medical marijuana legislation at the Georgia state capitol on Thursday. Rep. Allen Peake of Macon said he is planning on filing two bills. One would expand the number of allowed medical conditions, giving a greater number of...
  3. K

    MS: Group Who Wants To Legalize Marijuana Meets Outside State Capitol

    Jackson, Miss. - People behind an initiative to legalize marijuana hope it makes it onto ballots. Dozens of them gathered outside the State Capitol Friday. Organizer Stephanie Dreher said she wants the drug to be legalized for medical use. Some of the people at the event hope that...
  4. J

    Stars, Stripes, And Hemp Fly Over The United States Capitol

    A plant the federal law says is a Schedule I controlled substance was used to make the U.S. flag that will fly over the Capitol on Veterans Day. Industrial hemp could be a boon for small farmers, say proponents, including the U.S. veteran who grew the hemp used to make the flag. An American...