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    Looking for Cap'n Journal

    In another forum, I saw and read a link here for a journal by Cap'n... so i came here and registered, but I cannot find his journal. Can someone point me towards it? Thanks :thanks:
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    Capn Style Perpetual Grow Room Question

    Hey everyone, I'm looking to build out capn style perpetual grow room in my garage and I'm curious to get some feedback on my layout but most importantly on how I should ventilate it. I chose to separate the flower rooms so I could air dry for the 4-5 days during harvest right inside the room...
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    Capn Style Air Stone Question

    Hello everyone, I've been doing a ton of research for my first grow and came across the capn style of growing. My question is why do the individual reservoir not need air stones? With the pumps only running twice a day for 15 minute intervals I'm curious how the water doesn't become stagnant...
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    Blue Kush Cap'n Style

    Hey everyone, This is my third official grow. And my second capn style. I saved you all from the boring part and I'm about to flower in the next couple days. She is officially 74 days into veg. I almost killed her a month in so she was delayed a bit. Here's bluey And Jr.