1. 21D56F8B-AF0A-4D6E-A2B6-4168B988228A.jpeg


    Todays brownie caramel serving for a buddy, he likes it Hehe.
  2. E40E42C5-0E57-409E-A7A3-6B2EA10E0E5A.jpeg


    Chocolate fudge brownie
  3. mid length sweat

    mid length sweat

    Lighter finish
  4. M


    List your favorite thing to eat stoned or favorite weed-infused food... Ready? ~ GO! Mine is Talenti caramel cookie crunch gelato.
  5. ewilan947

    royalqueenseeds grow

    hello to all this is my grow from royalqueenseeds i've got : 2 special kush 1 candy kush express 1 bubble kush the pictures aren't in order :thanks::Namaste:
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