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  1. T

    2nd Grow: 4 x Strawberry Ice & 2 x Caramelicious, Coco & Mars Hydro 320, 4x4

    Hi Guys, 2nd Grow here. So i though why not start a journal just incase i get into any drama?? So here goes. What strain is it? 4 x Strawberry Ice and 2 X Caramelicious from Amsterdam Seeds Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Strawberry Ice Feminized Profile: Details: Thc...
  2. ScrogOrDie

    ScrogOrDie's 2400W THC Snow, AK-47 & Caramelicious Journal

    Seed Bank: Marijuana Seeds NL Strains: 17 x THC Snow (THC Bomb x White Russian x Big Bud), 17 x AK-47 (Colombian x Mexican x Thai x Afghani), 2 x Caramelicious (Maple Leaf x Afghan Kush) THC Content: THC Snow: 20—28%, AK-47: 15—20%, Caramelicious: 17—20% Veg Time: 5 weeks Flower Time: 8—10...
  3. M

    Auto Caramelicious & Lowryder 2 Soil Grow - First Grow - Advice Needed!

    Hi guys! First-time grower here and would appreciate advice from anyone on here with the experience :Namaste: Strains: Auto Caramelicious & Lowryder 2 # of Plants - 8 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative pending sprout Soil mix: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Pot size: Currently in solo cups but...
  4. C

    First Time - Soil - Caramelicious - 400W - Indoor At North Pole - 2012

    :welcome: Me and my friend are growing indoors for the first time. We have a Secret Jardin Dark Street DS120 II 120x120x180 Tent With one 400w dualspectrum HID. Medium is 75%Soil 25%Leca We got FeminizedCaramelicious seeds (Hybrid 40/60?) from AmsterdamMarijuanaSeeds And some Freebie seeds...
  5. H

    First Grow Every! Indoor Caramelicious Seeds in Soil

    Hi everyone! After RoorRipfor quite awhile I've decided to defray my herbage costs and attempt a small indoor grow. I've been following grow journals on this site for the past year and finally have gathered together the courage I need to get started. I ordered 10 Caramelicious seeds online...
  6. G

    Caramelicious First Time

    I just received seeds I ordered online from Amsterdam and decided to pick up on cannabis growing as I read on more it started becomeing a hobby of mine. I mean, why not, I smoke it and I can never get enough when I have my family/friends around. I researched the internet, books, friends for...
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