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  1. A

    Maximizing quality and quantity in this space

    Working with a 800 x 400 x 1800 approx (2.5ftx1.5ftx6ft) grow space looking to squeeze in 6 AUTOS hopefully using LST AND SOG ??? Anyway I have a 4 inch carbon filter Outlet Where should I position outlet on roof of cabinet or side Wall near roof ? As for intake I was told that enough...
  2. M

    Carbon filter or not?

    Hi i'm an absolute beginner looking for the advice of more experienced growers. This is my first time growing and i'm looking to grow a single AK47 plant in my closet via a space bucket. My plan was to not include any carbon filter and just use Ona Gel that i'll position near the exhaust fan on...
  3. P

    Incredibly Simple Carbon Filter For Under $30

    Howdy y'all, Sadly not all of us live in areas that are marijuana friendly so I wanted to show an effective way to build an incredibly simple carbon filter. I know there are probably other carbon filter designs similar to this one, but I just wanted to show my take on it. This design is...
  4. Q

    Ventilation help

    Hi I have a 3 by 3 by 5 foot grow room and was wondering if a 100 cfm inline duct booster fan with a carbon filter rated for 200 cfms would be ok?
  5. R

    Help to put together a setup

    Hi! Can somebody with knowledge help me choose a tent size, carbon filter size m3.... Im planning to buy platinum led p600 (600w) And i have two 150 w hps. Also im planning to buy alien easy feed self watering system with 8x16L pots (soil). Is this light enough for 8 plants or more /less...
  6. N

    New member in need of some quick info

    Hello ladies and gents. Just a quick question regarding fan and filter. my area is 4 2 5 ''feet'' = 40 qubic feet ,Is this correct ? i have a fan and filter ,fans rated at 155 m3h pretty sure filter is 200 m3h ,Will this be powerful enough to clean the air ? I will be running 1 200 watt blue...
  7. hct0194

    Controlling Smell In Closet With Carbon Air Scrubber & No Ventilation/Ducting

    Hey guys. I am new member to this forum and pretty new at growing INDOORS. So right now at the moment I am doing a grow in my closet, I have no way of running any ducting and am currently using a 400watt HPS bat wing with no ventilation duct, even if there was its not an option. My question is...
  8. T

    Noob setup questions

    hi guys, I live in a flat/apartment in a heavily populated and built up area in the UK. After a fair amount of reading and watching grow vids/images and not much being said on the matter, I wondered if you guys could tell me how effective the carbon filters are at dealing with the smell...
  9. Y

    First time grow help? Please

    Hello fellow growers, I started my grow last week. Currently I have two plants going on 20hrs/4hrs cycle, one is 2 Fast 2 Vast and the other is AK49 they are both autoflowers cause I felt that's best for beginners. My setup is this.. 2x2x5 grow tent, 2 Mars Hydro Full Spectrum 300 watt lights...
  10. eddieo

    Which size CFM carbon filter do I need?

    Hey smokers! I'm currently on my first grow here are a few details about my indoor grow. *Grow tent 60x60x160 *intake fan 5" 280m3/hr *exhaust fan 5" 380m3/hr *400W hps/mh bulb *Hydroponics DWC *OG Kush ONE Plant The grow is about 6 weeks, going good so far been growing without a...
  11. J

    Set up for 4x8x7.5 grow room

    Hi all, As you can see from the title, I am totally new to growing. Please don't get frustrated with me, I know I am going to sound dumb as hell, but I have no idea what to use for lighting (600W 100W or more), carbon filter, fan, ect. I am the kind of person who smoked a joint every once in...
  12. E

    Cold winter air intake problem

    My first problem is having to intake 32°F/0°C winter air and the difficulties with managing the temperature inside my tent, sitting in a concrete basement. Second I wanted to incorporate my lights into the carbon ventilation/filtration, so the only way out was through filtration with some...
  13. B

    Ventilation for a large room?

    Hi all! First time grower getting ready for a first go at it. I have an entire upstairs room about 12' X 12' and was wondering how to make a DIY air filter/ventilation. The only place air can exit the room is through a window. I've seen a lot about vent/filtering of grow boxes but I think it...
  14. D

    1 to 2 plant grow cabinet

    Im looking to make a very small grow cabinet, I have something that I think I can use but I'm not sure. otherwise I would like help on how to make a small easy build. However before I get started I want to know if I were to make a home made carbon fan (Which I know how to do) would the fan have...
  15. R

    Homebox mini (30х30х60 cm), DIY LED panel 54W, active intake/outtake + DIY carbon fil

    Growbox photos + webcam picture and chart with DHT-22 sensor data Grow tent Homebox mini (30x30x60 cm) DIY LED panel (54 х 1W): 730 nm - 3 660 nm - 22 625 nm - 10 warm white(2700 K) - 5 cold white(6500 K) - 4 440-450 nm - 6 410-420 nm - 4 Outtake (120x120x38) Intake (2 -...
  16. S

    STGuy's First Grow - Soil - 2013 - Haven't Bought The Seeds Yet

    Hi I'm starting the journal before I have actually started growing as I could use some advice on what to get for the grow. For my first grow my only goal is that my plants survive and I learn the basics and then next time I'll try and do it as good as possible for better taste etc so I'm only...
  17. C

    New Closet Grow Setup

    Just built a grow closet and put a lot of work and money into it. I have some ideas for a door to seal it, but any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm new at this so critique the shit out of my setup, i need it haha.
  18. B

    Cfm question please help

    i got a 2x3x6 room and its air cooling a 400w light and i want a carbon filter on it too. so how much cfm do you think that would be? and i know i want the fan pulling air out of the room but do i want to push or pull the air through the caerbon filter? thank you BENNN
  19. O

    Any ideas on how to create a carbon filter?

    I will begin by saying that this isn't for a grow operation. What I really would like to create is some sort of carbon filter for me to blow smoke through. My parents aren't too fond of the smell and I dislike smoking outside. I know activated carbon has incredible surface area on a microscopic...
  20. E

    Smell is my biggest concern, on a low budget

    I'm building a small 3 foot tall grow box in my room. i need a way to either controle the smell. I cant afford to buy a carbon filter. I've seen videos on how to make a cheep home made carbon filter. I dont know much on the subject. If someone could post a list of materials and where to buy...
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