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  1. A

    LED strip

    Hey all, I'm from Belgium, new to this forum and about to start my first grow ever. (noob warning!) I wanted to grow just one plant since it is for personal use and I'm just curious how it all works. I'm planning to grow in a old cardboard box from my printer which is about the size of a...
  2. T

    Secret Closet - Cardboard Box - CFL - Grow

    So this will be my first grow ever attempted, im not sure the strain of the seeds but my buddy gave me them. I will be doing a secret closet stealth grow. Here's a list of materials. Lighting - 1 42 Watt CFL - 1 13 Watt CFL Soil - Miracle Gro Natures care organic potting mix (with water...
  3. S

    Shielding from smell

    Greetings, im happily getting into my first grow and before i even have my clones i have come across some issues, or questions for the experienced on here. first thing first.. SMELL. yes. the dreaded smell. now, i live with my friend and she smokes but we both agree on the fact that we dont want...
  4. jandre2k3

    The Challenge: Cardboard Flowering Box

    Okay, okay... I know what you're thinking CARDBOARD?!?! Yes, cardboard. Not just ANY cardboard mind you, an especially strong and less porous cardboard called Hexacomb. Great stuff. I sat inside of the main flower box this morning and no crushing happened. I'm 200+ lbs and nothing...
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