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  1. TorturedSoul

    My Thoughts On Cannabis & Cigarettes

    All I know is if you like to get high, and you smoke cigarettes... before you know it... You'll be panting when you perform some really difficult task or other - you know, like walking up eight or ten stairs? But who cares. You'll cough more in a good day than someone with the flu does the...
  2. K

    CO: LivWell Cares Distributes 8,000 Ounces To Medical Patients Over The Holidays

    In the last two weeks of 2016, LivWell Cares, the philanthropic arm of LivWell Enlightened Health, gave almost $800,000 worth of cannabidiol (CBD) to members of American Medical Refugees and the CannAbility Foundation, two prominent advocacy groups for medical marijuana patients. "We want to...