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    8 Reasons Why The Caribbean Should Legalize Medical Marijuana

    Advocates for the legalization of medical marijuana in the Caribbean are growing daily with many pointing to the major economic benefits to the region, including Invest Caribbean Now CEO Felicia J. Persaud. Here are 8 reasons News Americas has found why the Caribbean should legalize medical...
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    It Is Time For A New CARICOM Policy On Marijuana

    At the end of July eleven individuals received jail sentences in Havana of between 15 to 30 years for attempting to traffic narcotics into Cuba from Jamaica. The convictions followed a number of co-ordinated operations to stop go-fast boats arriving with large quantities of marijuana. The...
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    UWI Urged To Take Lead In Marijuana Research

    Bridgetown, Barbados CMC - A Barbados Government legislator has criticised the University of the West Indies UWI for its failure to lead the regional efforts on the research of marijuana for medicinal purposes. "We have this talent at the UWI and we should have been at the forefront of...
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    I need help

    Hello, all, thanks for reading. This is about to get a little specific. I need a good strain that can withstand a lot of rainfall, water-wise, and strength-wise, and heat ranging from 75-95F during the day, and 68-80 during the night. Since my location is just at the equator, we have 12/12...
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