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  1. Radogast

    Radogast's First Indoor Seed Grow - In Search of Mothers

    Under advice from a physician, I have answered the call of the "seed siren". :) My first grow is from seeds. Following above from Jorge Cervantes "Medical Marijuana Bible" I set up a flowering room described below. To begin, Five each White Widow/Hawaiian Skunk/Carmelicious were...
  2. S

    Outdoor Grow - First Time Grower

    Hi this is my first grow and I've decided to grow outdoors. The strain that I'm growing is Carmelicious. I grew them through germination and the first 2 weeks of vegging under a 6500k fluorescent tube light. After the 2 weeks I transplanted them directly into my 8'x4' outdoor open-garden-bed...
  3. S

    Carmelicious Closet Grow

    I would like to start this thread by mentioning that I lie constantly... All pictures that I may post I found on the internet. I like to make up hypothetical stories about growing illegal substances because it gives me a thrill that my dull life does not provide for me... Anyways, shall I...
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