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    AR: Law Enforcement Unsure About Medical Marijuana And Concealed Carry Licenses

    Now that medical marijuana is legal in Arkansas, there could be current concealed carry license holders will use it and have it. Marijuana is still illegal federally. The ATF prohibits medical marijuana users from possession a gun. Nathan House of Arkansas Armory says because of...
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    TSA and seeds

    Hypothetically, if someone were to forget they have some loose seeds in a pocket or in their carry on, would the TSA scanners pick that up?
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    Ex-Lawman - Shouldn't Have To Give Up Gun For Medical Marijuana

    Albuquerque, New Mexico - Former Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White says he is no longer a certified law enforcement officer, doesn't have a concealed handgun carry license but does own a firearm. White has also publicly disclosed that he is a medical cannabis user and an investor in a new...