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casey jones

  1. S

    Casey Jones 2021

    I bought several packs of Head Seeds Casey Jones in 2007 from Seedbay auctions. Over the years I have grown a few (~6) at a time. Always my favorite smoke. About 2010 I selected and grew out a stinky male with great structure. Pollinated one of the choicest females and ended up with a few...
  2. Curiousnoob

    Curious' Down Under Strawberry Jones Cookie Grow Adventure For April 21

    Been a while since these hands have been dirty, and this blue blood's eager to get growing! So if your passing by stop in and say G'day, pull up a chair, a cold stubbie and a sausage sanga and tell me what I'm doing wrong and how I can do it better! Updates will be at least weekly and all...
  3. D

    First Grow - Casey Jones - DWC - SCROG - Ice Probe Thermoelectric Chiller

    Hello everyone, after a long veg i finally filled my SCROG and flipped. This is my first grow. Things have been going pretty flawlessly to this point. Here are some of the details, if i missed anything feel free to ask. Strain - 1 Casey Jones fem seed Week 1 day 1 of flower was 8/5/15...
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